Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Splurge Factor: Chanel Gabrielle

Boy does Karl make everyone's life impossible.  I mean, throw us a bone would ya and stop making us fall in love with your incredibly adorable handbags with incredibly non-adorable price tags.  The truth is, sometimes you just crave a Gabrielle and decide that hosting dinner parties is over rated. Guests can eat on the floor. Who needs a dining table anyways. A Gabrielle would look just as pretty in an empty dining room. After all, this baby can be worn 7 different ways...

Chanel SS18, image

Chanel SS18, image

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

About the Shoes... Oro Rosso

I'm suffering from post nuptial depression so am in desperate need to jump on wedding Wednesday. For those of you not familiar with PND, it's the last stage in the torturous process of wedding planning, and it takes place a few months following your wedding or honeymoon. PND is similar to a sugar crash or the coming down off amphetamines.  According to Cinched MD... Someone coming down from their wedding day high will likely experience one or more of the following symptoms:
- Irritability: pretty much anything that's normal might bug you; for me, it was my dumb bathroom mirror and it's lacking of a tv like the mirrors during my honeymoon, DUH
- Aggressive behavior displays: aggressive Instagram activity behavior, i mean what's the point of getting wedding pictures if you can't share them.
As a way to tackle the symptoms I review one of the 17,000 choices I made in the wedding planning process, my shoes. I have had a serious obsession with rose gold for about twenty years. Pretty much since I was old enough to know what jewelry was, my eyes have wandered to that hue. It's not surprising that Natalie of A Good Affair, took my obsession seriously and went out of her way to find the perfect hues of rose gold designing our special day. So when it came down to me finding a wedding wardrobe essential, achem, my shoes...the following was imperative: height, color, and simplicity. 

Photography: Brandon Kidd

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I can't decide if my mind is wandering a bit much in questioning this fall's bootie obsession...but I can't help but think that in exactly 3 years I will absolutely loathe the sock booties currently on my wishlist. It seems as sock boots win it this fall but do they also seem like the high heel version of an elf shoe? I mean I could totally see Mrs. Claus wearing the Fendi stretch knit sock boots. 
Phil Oh

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Net-ing Around

Binge watching snaps of all streetstyle sources, is how I spend fashion weeks now a days. I enjoy all of the action, novelty, and delicious greatness from the comfort of my own couch. It just so happens that bag wise I've noticed some people are not messing around, they are net-ing around. The latest bag craze is inspired by a net market tote....take a look....


Net yourself.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Backpacking Through Summer

For as long as I can remember, a backpack carried my necessities. Since I outgrew my mother's diaper bag and she dropped me off at pre-k, pronounced preh-keender in espaƱol, all of my items were zipped into a convenient backpack strapped onto both my limbs. And then college came, and I had to wake up every morning figuring out not only what to wear because uniforms were no longer a requirement, but also a large enough bag to carry my essentials because well, Mischa Barton's OC character made us feel like complete tomboy losers if we didn't squeeze our textbooks into a feminine tote. So I ditched the monogrammed L.L. Bean and entered a love affair every young adult begins in college, the perfect designer totes. It wasn't until this May that a precious handmade Italian leather backpack caught my love at Katia Boutique. And so I started my summer fling with Benedetta Bruzziches' sheep leather back pack. This pack has it all. It features adjustable straps, separate compartments, two way zip, and not to mention, endless compliments in public.

Benedetta Bruzziches

Benedetta Bruzziches

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fat Kid in Rome - Dinner

When one finds themselves in the middle of the most visited city in the world, come dinnertime, there is one little hole in the wall you can call home, Il Matriciano. Although you have most likely heard of it, seeing as every time I stop by I notice multiple english screaming tables, it really is not a tourist trap. It really is still good.  Just because it has become attractive to visitors, locals have not stopped dining there. In the past two decades I have been lucky enough to treat myself to this joy and boy has it never had an off-day. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Workwear Redefined, Houston Hotel Boasts Well Dressed Staff

There are days that I would give up my daily dark- chocolate bar to be able to wear my pajamas to work, and there are days where I truly suffer from high-self esteem and just love wearing pencil thin heels with waist-cinching everything. I absolutely have no excuse and can not ever really wear pajamas to work, but what can you say, it's all about how you wake up that morning...and your work-place attire rules. What I really miss about high school, besides not having cellulite and being able to eat an entire basket of french fries before running six miles, is having a pre-determined ensemble (uniform) five days of the week. Mornings were simple. Wake up, eat breakfast, slap on the skirt, polo shirt and get to school on time.
 I wish I still had a uniform. Having an already pre-determined outfit every morning would eliminate about 45 minutes of starring at my clothing rack. In my perfect world, a flattering uniform provided by my employer would really alleviate my morning routines. 
 Early this year, my employer (David Peck USA) announced an associate wardrobe design contract for for a new luxury hotel in town. My immediate reaction was to put in my two-weeks notice and go work for this hotel. Forget all bias thoughts you presume I might already have but just take a look at this line up of work-wear: David Peck USA for JW Marriott Houston Downtown.
Doesn't it make you want to be a part of JW Marriott Houston Downtown?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Diagnosed: High Style Esteem

After months of hiatus, much of which I spent pretending to work and visiting several brain shrinks, I came to find the reason to my shyness. I hadn't lost my voice, it's still here. I hadn't lost something to write about, I'm still complaining. But I did however, lose the HSE I was suffering from all of 2012. For those of you not in a medical profession, I was suffering from High style esteem. Basically I thought I was like bomb dot com until I noticed how realz high I rated my self on the style-dar. Like why would Karl's intern's assistant be thinking of me when he sketched this collection? And why would Phoebe Philo care how I hold her creations? Or in worst cases, (this is when I was suffering from Low Weight Esteem) try to fit my entire body into a tote.   It's time we discuss and re-asses the idea of any style-esteem...if only I knew where to start. Well, let's start with evidence. HSE ends when you realized you popped the arm-button off your Skaist Taylor jumpsuit from eating a gelato for an entire week (see image). Yeah, like how cute are you walking all around a southern italian town in cherry pop red playsuit from Katia, but um how un-cute to be the fat kid in it. I might have been pastry shop hopping on this street. Shhh. 

Jumpsuit  - bag