Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Come again some other day If you really want to stay In these clothes I'll have to play: My Blowout I'll protect with a Hunter Globe Umbrella My office attire tidy under a year round Trench My feet and pants hem dry in Platinum Hunter Boots

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Words...

How Amazing are these...
Are they a little too much? The more I see them the more i love them...I would sport them to: the Rockets Game, Christmas Party, A valentine's Day Party, or just because, i just wish i was blessed with skinny long legs :(
(Image per Shopbop)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kelly Kapowski My Hero...

Who are you going to be for Halloween? Last year I was "Waitress at the Max Kelly" I sported a red tee customized with "The Max" With A black Apron This Year I'm going for "Kelly at the Prom" 1. Start w her fabulous side part 2. Sport a 90's Dress 3.Marine tone Spanx 4.Topped of with these Pink Pumps 4.Add a Handsome lover sporting this 80's tee Walking in Nikes Or this tee With ofcourse, High Tops

Celeb Look-a-like

Don't we all want to look like Serena... Santa Baby please bring me the Balmain she's rocking If not, please treat me to this Dress... Or Stuff this Spirit Dress in my stockings Perfect w my favorite Midnight Spanx!

High School Flashback

I made the mistake of missing my high school reunion this weekend, and yes I´m regretting every moment. I had planned on attending in my Full Dress Uniform from head to toe, but well something "came up" and I ended up sipping Mango Batidas at RDG all night. Either way, this ensemble is very much inspired by my High School Uniform. 1. The Hair Accessory 2. The Navy Blazer 3. The Pleated Mini 4. The Oxford Button Up 5. The Book Tote 6. The Laptop Sleeve (Protect and cover it up if you don´t want to get detention for leaving it unattended by the lockers!) 7. The Pencil Bag 8. The Closed Toe Shoe: the only way we could express ourselves, the one thing we got to choose and diversify the ensemble that had been assigned to us for four years... -Some of us sported Sneakers -Some of us Comfy Moccasins -And others Fancy Flats

In Spirit of Neewollah

Have a Happy Halloween Tote Trick or Treating Sweater

Monday Inspiration

Start off the week right... "DONT BOTHER JUST TO BE BETTER THAN YOUR CONTEMPORARIES OR PREDECESSORS. TRY TO BE BETTER THAN YOURSELF."- WILLIAM FAULKNER Look Fabulous doing it, in these work to evening shift pieces... Bring the 80's back at work and at cocktail hour with a Peaked Shoulder Blouse Cinch your waist in this Skirt This LDB will take you from 9 to 5 and straight to cocktails with it's sexy back

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night out? Stand out!

Whether your typical Cocktail night is at a trendy lounge, overcrowded restaurant, or just a regular old dive bar in your hood, every girl must build an Night-out section in her wardrobe. LBD, no this is a no brainer ladies, we all need a basic yet versatile GO TO dress that we can wear to a dinner party, a cocktail party, and yes an all night dancing fiesta. How cute is this TWENTY8TWELVE little black dress... This DKNY Sequined Bustier top is a def girls night out essential Try with a pencil skirt, leggings, or your fav booty poppin jeans Nothing is more obnoxious than wearing a tiara in public, but thank heavens for sparkly headbands Sport a Bambako Go all out w Chunky Stones Skip the Blowout and Slap this Cute Band on Though I'm an absolute fan of killer big bags, evening wear is just not meant to be paired with them. I hard to learn this the hard way when a guy buying my drinks asked me if i wanted to check my Fendi Peek-a-Boo in the coatroom. An essential clutch is one you can easily use as a wallet inside your daybag and just pull out and stuff a lipgloss in for a night out on the town. This Marc Jacobs Leather Wallet makes a great go to clutch. Lengthen and slenderize your legs by Miu miu Platforms to your ensemble

Not up for the suit?

Pair this cute Haute Hippie bubble skirt w slenderizing camisoles Sauce it up with a lacy Spanx camisole Sweet & Cute Slendering Cami Shift day to night in this Jonesy Tiered Skirt sported with any of the above camis Top it off with this Yummie Tummie Cami