Monday, October 26, 2009

High School Flashback

I made the mistake of missing my high school reunion this weekend, and yes I´m regretting every moment. I had planned on attending in my Full Dress Uniform from head to toe, but well something "came up" and I ended up sipping Mango Batidas at RDG all night. Either way, this ensemble is very much inspired by my High School Uniform. 1. The Hair Accessory 2. The Navy Blazer 3. The Pleated Mini 4. The Oxford Button Up 5. The Book Tote 6. The Laptop Sleeve (Protect and cover it up if you don´t want to get detention for leaving it unattended by the lockers!) 7. The Pencil Bag 8. The Closed Toe Shoe: the only way we could express ourselves, the one thing we got to choose and diversify the ensemble that had been assigned to us for four years... -Some of us sported Sneakers -Some of us Comfy Moccasins -And others Fancy Flats