Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Suit Up That Body

Lady Gaga lives in them, Beyonce taught us how to dance in them and well now it’s our turn to take the bodysuit trend out and about. We must turn to the beauties on the dance floor because, well high fashion is very inspired by dancewear. Though it may be a little daring to show up in public with fishnets and a bodysuit, there are plenty of ways they can be essential in your ensemble. Pair this Dr. Rey body suit Along this Thread Social party skirt You’ll be sure to look extra chic and extra cinched since this body suit will shape you sexy flattening your tummy, tightening your waist, and pushing up your bosoms. Show off your sexy shoulders or top it all off with a cropped leather jacket. Edgier Bodies can be paired w trousers like this Agent Provocateur leopard body Though low riding pants are a thing of the past, sporting a bodysuit with them rids you the worry of your lacy undergarments revealing when you bend over or sit down. Pair a body with your favorite black trousers and killer heels, its a great go to enssemble that can transform from day to night. Lookin for a cheaper alternative? Trust American Apparel w variety of colors & styles, like this mesh body