Monday, November 16, 2009

Travel Companions!

So you're not a light packer...not to worry I haven't met a girl who isnt. Besides your beautiful luggage...
There's a few travel accessories you may not think you need, but once you've got them you'll never be able to travel without.
1. Passport Cover
2. Something to Wrap Yourself In
Stay Warm in a Comfy Scarf
Or a lightweight but toasty Loro Piana
3. Socks!
-Don't ruin your pedi walking barefoot through security lines, slap on a pair of cute Non-Skid Socks to protect your footsies!
4. Lingerie Bag: There's nothing more embarrassing than when customs checks your bag and sees your panties scattered all throughout...ew! Keep them organized in Lingerie bags (also good to put your tights/hose to protect them from getting snagged)
Le Mode Lingerie bags, my fav(in Houston, TX!!)

5. Good Book
(Images per: Globetrotter, Netaporter, Neiman Marcus, Bath and Body Works, yours truly, and Shopintuition )