Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"My Boots Are Made for Dancing"

On a quest to buy my very first pair of cowboy boots (Yes I know I've been in Texas for half my life and don't own a pair) I turn to the beautiful, always cinched at the waist, gorgeous bride to be, and mastermind behind Peppermint Bliss, Bailey Quin Daniel:


I have always been an avid boot wearer. I don't know if it stems from my Texan heritage, my enduring love of Britney Spears, or my newfound love of Taylor Swift...but put me in some boots and a dress (cinched at the waist, natch) any day of the week, for any occasion, and I am good.to.go. Don't believe me? Here I am wearing boots whilst trying on wedding dresses!
My love of boots has only increased since moving to the frozen hinterlands of Chicago, because as Bette Midler knows well from her Gypsy days, "Kid you gotta have a gimmick, if you wanna get ahead"!

Cinchedathewaist: What do you look for when you purchase your boots, is it style or comfort?
Bailey: Poser here. It is all about style, at first. Because boots are typically not very comfortable until you have worn them a few times and really break them in. If you can make it through a few painful first dates, after a few wears you and your boots will eventually bond and be the best of friends. And that is the great thing about boots, they only look better the more you wear them.

Cinchedathewaist: Is there a particular pair of boots that has sentimental value to you?
Bailey: I probably have eight pairs of straight up cowboy boots, pink, ropers, red, traditional lucchese, you name it. And I love them all. My ultimate go-to are my turquoise and brown Old gringos. It is not that they are that sentimental, I just know it's a guaranteed good time when I slip them on my hushpuppies. And after a tragic dancing accident this summer that left me with a broken foot AND ankle, I know the hard way how important good podiatric support is for a good, safe time. I am getting a pair of boots made for my wedding in September, which I think will have the ultimate sentimental value.

Want to snag her style? Here is a similar pair of Old Gringo Golondrina Mad Dog Rust(Image per Allens Boots)

Cinchedatthewaist: What do you advise me, a first time boot shopper, to look for?
Bailey: Well first, my favorite brand has to be Old Gringos...and no they aren't paying me to say that...yet...I think they have a sexier foot shape and hit at a better place on my stumps than other lines like lucchese. I always look for the design on the "shaft" of the boot (I swear to God I did not make that up, that is what it is called). Some people prefer a more classic plain brown, but I say you gotta live a little! When you wear jeans that part is covered up anyway, and when you wear a dress, as I am wont to do quite frequently, the design is the cutest part! Now go on and git you some, gurl!

With Bailey's advice and some research of my own, Cinchedathewaist wandered over to local Pinto Ranch and got me some Lucchese Classics
I was told that after my first pair I'd be addicted, so I've put in an order for my second pair of cowboy boots, these Old Gringos. I couldn't resist a heel, Old Gringo Rio Dallas Rust(Image per Allens Boots)