Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tee Style

My daily uniform consists of black skinny jeans and a comfy black tee. Depending on the season I'll switch to black shorts, but a black tee is always a go to. I must have dozens of American Apparel Deep V Necks I just love the slimming effect a v neck cut has elongating your neck.

Still carrying some holiday weight, I've opted for a tee that well, cinches a little more. This triple threat (boots your boosoms, cinches your tummy, and love handles) Cass and Co. capp sleeve shaper top can serve as an everyday essential.

Another great tee brand I've fallen in love with is LnA. For a loose fit yet chic look, I've got their Lace Back Tee in black and in red.

LnA also makes a great Deep V Tee in an array of adorable colors.

(Images per yours truly, Blissworld, Shopbop, and Singer22)