Monday, March 1, 2010

Ultimate Spring Breaker

Yes, tis another rainy cold Monday morning, but all I can think about is that its the first day of March, and all that means to me is that Spring Break is near! I bring you some humor from one of Michael Roberts; hilarious poems in his Fashion Victims to get you in the spring break mood.

My flip-flops match my bandeau top
Coordinates are "in."
Fluorescent prints with citrus hints
They complement my skin.
My abs are ripped, I've toned my hips,
My boobs were done last week.
I've has a perm, my butt is firm,
I made them peel each cheek.
When I awake, my protein shake
Is followed by a tonic,
Then endorphins and creatine,
Plus extra anabolic.
I use an aloe after-sun
Whenever I feel burning,
And on my pre-pilates run
I keep my pacer turning.
I like to skip, enhance my lips
With collagen injections.
My nails are frosted at the tips-
You've noticed the reflections?
My nose is fine (it isn't mine)
The Botox stopped my frowning.
And when I swim my plastic grin
Will sure prevent me drowning.

Happy pieces to put you in the spring breaking mood!
Show off your legs in this floral and energetic Marc by Marc Jacobs Blazing Star bubble skirt
Strut around in Jimmy Choo Pheonix espadrille wedges, this great neutral color will flatter your tan and goes with everything
A Jelly sandal is a must have, Jimmy Choo Studded rubber gladiator
(images per Netaporter)