Monday, April 19, 2010

Style File: Sarah Darling

The tiny bronzed jewelry and soon to be clothing designer of caught my attention on a Dolce Vita Saturday lunch with friends, sporting a giant patent quilted Chanel and a sea of pearl CC necklaces. While anyone else with her petite frame would have drowned in such elaborate accessories, Sarah's outspoken personality mostly to do with her very own language "OMGGGG, CUUUTIES" certainly absorbs any crowd's attention.

This local celeb not only keeps me amused with her constant blackberry messenger updates, mostly lines from rap songs,
but with her ever so eclectic style: Sarah is a festival dresser, a Satorialist, an it girl, and cinched at the waist...her looks are endless. 
My current favorite look she sports are high-waisted cinched shorts, perfect for the Htown heat. I gather from The Sarah Aghili her  creative inspirations,  must haves, and go to shops. 

Gig: Designer & CEO of

 Look: "I try to dress for the occasion but always dress to my mood, If im going to a wedding and feeling funky I obviously wont wear leather pants but I will spice up my outfit with my accessories. I love to play in my closet, I love colors and putting together things-- I usually cut and sew up a lot of my closet, I take my old designer bags and cut them up too."

Inspiration: "My inspiration comes from my day to day life...I usually sit and do my designing in a week and I dont speak to anyone, just design. I am doing my first clothing collection right now as well-- It is all just me, expressing myself and how I feel. I love superstition so I love love superstition pieces, and good luck charms-- wishbones, hamsa hands, evil eyes, fortune cookies-- I love it. "

 Snag her style:  "I almost always wear the turquise bulk ring with the charms-- I always wear at least one evil eye wrap bracelet, but sometimes I wrap like 4 on. Whenever my outfit needs a spice up I just wear headgear, I think its fun and adds funk to any outfit, and it doesn't have to be matchy."

 Go-To Shops: "I love to find things that are different, I also love to find inexpensive things that look expensive, but I also love Chanel and Fendi. I do ALOT of online shopping myself, I have packages arriving daily-- I buy lots of my shoes, dresses-- everything online... I love, the old "

"If I am wearing a designer, I usually don't like to just wear that designer, I like to mix pieces-- For inexpensive pieces I actually like to go to forever21 or zara, more zara for shoes, I go wild there, their stuff is so inexpensive and looks really good placed with a pair of C loubs and a Chanel bag. Betsey Johnson I find alot of fun/funky dresses."

"When I was younger, my aunt would always say I reminded her of Betsey Johnson, I would buy crazy fabrics and decorate my room in wild colors with them. "

Spotted: "On sundays we (Kalon and herself) go to Backstreet Cafe then polo. Crave cupcakes and Starbucks are the 2 places I go to almost daily-...I LOVE to go to Dylans Candy Bar with Kalon-- one of my favorite activities. I stay busy with my Chinese classes, and wild family."
Kalon Mcmahon and Sarah Aghili

The young designer shows her eclectic style through her designs, not only does she design adorable and extremely affordable jewelery, but Headgear, Pet Accessories, Men's Cufflinks, and rumor has it a nail polish line is in the works. Now go out and get you some Sarah Aghili.

(Images per, & Sarah Aghili)