Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cinched Baby, Spoiler Alert

As of five months ago I've had the honor of adding  the title of godmother to my name. Annina Stefanelli: blogger/ food lover/Godmother to beautiful one year old, Gianna. A bit concerned I wasn't qualified for this job  (achem, I'm still in my early twankies and well I'm not even sure what being a Godparent entails) I recall what role my own godmother had in my life...aside from being the source of half of my jewelry collection, I have fond memories of baking with her every Sunday. 
So I ask myself...aside from spoiling her, what shall my activity be with Gianna?
As my godmother shared her love of baking with me, I shall share with Gianna my love of literature & travel. There is no other perfect way to start than with famous Czech artist, illustrator, and author Miroslav Sasek's This is book series. Though she is just about to turn 1, tis never too early!

"The first in the series of This is books, This is Paris is a delightful tour of 1950s Paris from a child's eye view. A three-week vacation in Paris gave Sasek the idea for writing travel books for children, and originally he only intended to produce three books in the series: This is Paris, This is London and This is Rome"- This is M. Sasek

 "This is London is the second This is book and undoubtedly one of the best. Sasek concentrates on the things he likes best: people, costume, transport and local details that somehow come together to form a whole impression of the city that still seems quite accurate today." - This is Sasek

 "M. Sasek planned to end the This is series here before he realized how successful (and how much fun to do) they would be. He went on to complete 18 titles in the series."- This is M. Sasek

Another one of my favorites is, of course, This is Texas. Since Gianna resides overseas, this is a perfect way to show her Texas before she comes to visit soon.


  I've acknowledged that setting a good example and serving as a spiritual guide are part of the tasks...but my favorite part asides from making goo goo noises and squeezing her adorably chubby feet all day, is the spoiling Gianna with adorable clothes & shoes...Its my way to share with her my love of fashion..wink wink. I finally have an excuse to  browse around Kitson Kids and Gilt Children, through both of which I discovered my latest obsession, Trumpette.

Silly Soles Mocs
Metallic Mocs
And for boys...

Boat Shoes
Cowboy Socks
And many more....