Monday, July 12, 2010

Style File: KJRM

Growing up with two brothers and an Italian father Cinched has always held great respect and appreciation for uomo fashion. One of my favorite aspects of  Rome are the bronzed men trotting the sidewalks in perfectly tailored suits; even in the scorching Roman summer their ties are perfectly knotted and coats beautifully cinched. It's only suiting that we venture into the world of menswear with our first male Stylefile feature, handsome lad:  Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon
Chaneling a neat tailored Italian, KJRM caught our attention through mutual friends. Always cinched with an Hermes belt and perfectly tailored suit, Kalon lightly tweaks classic menswear with a bold watch, a pair of Toms, or a Sarah Aghili piece (Muse to local jewelry designer Sarah Aghili, Sarah's top selling mens bracelet is the KJRM cuff). A rarity in Houston, where traditional menswear lacks tailoring making men appear uncomfortable in suits, KJRM boldly stands out.  As he changes the city of Houston, not only bringing new types of establishments but gracing the city with style as well, KJRM shares his passions, inspirations, and love of Toms.

Kalon Joseph Reid Mcmahon

Gig: "Senior Consulant at The ROC (River Oak Consulting) Group.  ROC is Houston's premier consulting firm when it comes to Corporate Branding, Hospitality, Professional & Personal Image consulting. Clients include RedRoom, River Oaks Watches, The Houston Club, The Houston Polo Club, Armandos, The Falls Golf Course,"

Inspiration: "Houston is my biggest inspiration, but in a backwards sort of way. I use to swear that I would never move back here. But After living in Dallas and LA and traveling everywhere in between I realized that Houston has the potential to be an amazing city, it just needs the right people with the right ideas to give it a violent push in the right direction. RedRoom was our guinea pig/ 1st attempt to introduce Houston society to the lifestyle and branding we seek to instill in this reemerging city. We have had  great success, but at the same time learned a lot (from our mistakes as everyone makes a few) that we will address in future endeavors. As of now our company and other involved parties are working on a new lounge and new restaurant concept that will establish River Oaks as the official hospitality epicenter of Houston, TX." 

Kalon McMahon and Sarah Aghili

Look:"I love any excuse to get dressed up. I learned at an early age you can never be overdressed for any occasion. If anyone ever questions your attire, you simply explain that you have somewhere more important to be later. There is nothing more classic than a crisp white shirt and tailored navy blue suit. It has sort of become my unofficial uniform."

 Snag his Style: "Ralph Lauren is the architect of my lifestyle as well as my closet. Ralph makes everything you could ever need for any occasion. Tailored navy blue suit is my uniform. Black suits are for weddings and funerals (which are pretty much the same thing if you ask me). If I'm not in a suit you will probably catch me in a pair of TOMS. Can't go wrong with a classic white V neck and a cardigan. I love my watches. Watches are the only jewelry I wear (other than the occasional SAGs piece)."  

Kalon McMahon and Brette Wolf

Go-To Shops: "Ralph Lauren is obviously number one stop... Hadleigh's in Highland Park Village in Dallas is owned and operated by my good friend Ed Shaikh. He is essentially responsible for introducing me to the world of high fashion. He introduced me to black label, Ralph Lauren for skinny people. They also do custom monogrammed  slippers... Mine took an extra week bc I have 4 initials!  American Apparel has great basic tshirts/hoodies for those lazy Sundays when polo is rained out and we are forced to drink our mimosas on the couch. Biggest secret is ZARA actually has some amazing stuff... In a crunch for time or cash I am known to walk in (sunglasses on hat pulled down) and snag a few wardrobe lifesavers. I prob have over 50 button down shirts but really only wear the same 10... When all my fav shirts are at the cleaners I'll resort to the Zara stash."

Kalon McMahon at a Hadleigh's fitting.
Kalon Joseph Reid Mcmahon

TOMS: "let's just say there are over 30 kids out there that have been given shoes because of me.... I love the style & the cause. While TOMS are washable, I don't hesitate to spring for a new pair after a weekend at the ranch because they are extremely reasonable in price and obviously the mitzvah that goes along with each purchase." 

Kalon McMahon on a helicopter

Hobbies:"I love taking and manipulating photographs. I frequently find myself getting lost for hours playing with the aspects of a single photo. Amazing how capturing a single second in time can entertain you for hours. Also great when you have fun and beautiful subjects. Photographs are easily my fav medium of art... Even if they aren't my own.  My only fond memories of high school took place in the dark room of my 1st photo class. I was a late bloomer/nerd so I would skip lunch to indulge in my photos!"

"Golf is my other passion... the only game in the world that perfectly blends travel, sport, strategy, fashion, gambling, drinking, real estate, and friends." 

Spotted: "Being in the hospitality industry changed my lifestyle... For a few months if I was out anytime after dinner at RedRoom 95% of the time... Now that things have slowed down a bit I can enjoy the other fine establishments this city has to offer. I don't like crowds but I love people watching... A stiff drink and a loose crowd is better than dinner and a movie any night. Zimm's is a personal favorite of mine. I avoid Washinton Ave. like the plague.  
Our infamous group dinners of 10+ at RDG, Uptown Sushi, Benjy's, Dolce Vita, Armando's, Gigi's, MO's, etc... are by far my fav times in this town."
 "ask anyone... I am the only Jew in town whose favorite day is Sunday. You can't beat our Sunday fundays that usually start on the patio @ backstreet cafe, followed by mimosas at the polo club, and diner to top it all off at El Tiempo or The Houstonian Bar (which I often refer to as my office or HQ).  During the week it's always kosher to sip some Rose or Reisling at the tasting room in uptown park. I have also recently become a fan of the blue bar on the bayou at brenner's. I love Tiny BOXwoods as it is prime for plucking beautiful 'flowers'."

Sundays at the Polo Club