Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tea with Karl

Dead or alive, fictional or real, who would you have tea with?
Come fashion week I will be having tea with Karl and Donatella thanks to donkey products


Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Navy

The beautiful faces of television stepped out last night for their yearly recognition at the Emmys. Adorably glamorous gowns and tuxes trotted the red carpet in one of my favorite hues, navy. As an avid fan of black for almost any occasion, I opt for its better looking cousin, navy blue. My absolute favorite tuxedo color is navy blue, it allows men to play with the classic tux yet stand out a bit. As for women, its just that, a fun dark classic color that, no matter the season or occasion, can never go wrong.

Bag Advice

In my earlier and more vulnerable years, as Nick Carraway would say, my mother gave me some shopping advice. "Before you go off buying one of every color," she said, "just get one but make it a good one." She's been saying this for as long as I can remember, and to some extent I've pretty much made it my shopping motto. I prefer being a repeat offender in a classic Loro Pianna Sweater I dug up in  Neiman's Last Call Sale, knowing that it will keep me perfectly toasty for a good amount of years, as opposed to purchasing an array of trendy off the shoulder wool ones everyone is sporting that season. Her advice has particularly stuck to me in how I go about a new handbag, every year I put a little aside in my piggy bank and will treat myself to just one, but I make it a good one.

The past five years I've been impeccably loyal to Silvia Ventiruni Fendi, admiring her work since I watched Carrie Bradshaw lug around the Fendi Baguette in the late nineties, I recall dreaming of the day I could start purchasing my own and five years ago, the year of the Spy Bag, I began my collection. Permitting myself a yearly splurge at the Fendi Palazzo in Roma since 2005, I look to what Silvia offers Fendi fans this year, and of course I'm in love with the Classico.

(Images per)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are You Wearing Leather Bloomers?

Incorporating leather pieces in your wardrobe is a must this fall...specifically leather bloomies aka leather shorts. Hesitant to venture into this new fad due to the high price tag and the fact that comfort may be an issue with Houston's scorching heat for another three months, I'm happy to see my favorite denim brand is offering killer leather bloomers at a cute price.
Blank Denim Leather Shorts...
 Gwen Stefani rocking her leather bloomies with tights on The Rachel Zoe Project during fashion week...a possible look I may consider, in order to conceal dimply what nots.

Monday, August 23, 2010

StyleFile: Sister Sister

 Gracing Houston with their creative talent and sartorial splendor are young beauties Saba and Sarah Jawda of Jawda & Jawda Design. This Sister act captivates through their impressive work and perfectly adorned LBD's. From enviable vintage finds to sky-high Loubs, these tastemakers are always impeccably cinched at the waist. Drawn by their kinetic personalities Cinched has the pleasure of gathering from the graphic designers/artists their inspirations, look, and fav local spots.

Sarah (R) Jawda and Jawda, Inc. -- Founder, Creative and Marketing Director, Graphic Designer.

   Saba (B) Jawda and Jawda, Inc. -- Founder, Architect and Artist, Interior Designer.

   "We also collaborate on all projects as we value each others' opinion - it's the best we can get."


R: "Architecture, Fashion and the streets."
              B: "People, Cultures and Art."

With an array of talent, ranging from Sarah's photography and graphic design to Saba's paintings and interior design, the creative duo have compiled eccentric and impressive portafolios.
View their work: SarahJawda & SabaJawda 

Graphic Design by Sarah
Business Card Design by Sarah

Photography by Sarah "YSL"

Saba's "Beyond"

   R: "I dress for the mood of the occasion."

B: "I dress for myself."

Snag their style:
   R: "Abstract florals, tons of gold accessories - the bigger the better and HEELS HEELS HEELS. Higher the better."

   B: "Vintage jewels, bold prints and large watches. Not to mention we are both addicted to the LBD."

   "We both dress from head to toe in LOVE, the one label that NEVER goes out of style XOXO"


Go-To Shops:
   R+B: "We always shop together. We like to mix and match vintage with modern. "

 Fav Spots:
   R: "I love good food and company, intimate meals at old-world restaurants, flicks at the River Oaks Theatre and tacos at La Mexicana."

B: "Aside from good food and company, I love places with architectural charm and art galleries such as Barbara Davis' gem on Montrose. "

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bootie Lust

There she is, staring at me from my computer screen via Style.com's Fall 2010 Buyers' Guide, Burberry Prorsum Shearling Boot With Buckles: Fiercely sexy exterior yet cuddly and shearling lined inside...oh how I wish to cinch my calves with these babies this winter. 


Monday, August 16, 2010

Nutella Monday

Sick of cardio weekends, dreading my appointment with my trainer this afternoon, Cinched caved in last night, and decided one little treat can't hurt....after all it is Monday and I have all week to make up for it.
Start the week off right and assemble yourself a Nutella & Banana Sammie:
-Toast 2 slices of bread
-Spread generous amounts of Nutella on both sides
-Place a sliced banana on either toast
-Squeeze both toasts together and enjoy!

Also makes a great party treat/dessert if you cut them up in smaller pieces!



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cinched Sweats

Cinched goes mental....workout mental. In order to kick off the lbs that I've been lugging around since Christmas break (yes I'm still blaming it on the Holidays),  Cinched has finally decided to get back into gear and into tip top shape. The fun part of my newest obsession are the frequent trips to Lulemoon in Highland Village  to get new gear...I swear if I don't like my workout outfit it totally changes my mood and energy level. It just adds confidence! Though I've been avoiding it for a few months, I caved in and got me a trainer. She's super awesome, but super mean (not really those are my sore hamstrings talking). I shall present some of the workout gear I'm currently crushing on:

Lululemon Dance Crop
Though the scorching heat is pouring down I always prefer to wear capri leggings over shorts, due to their versatility. Whether I'm on the pilates reformer, doing high kicks on bozuu, or hanging from the TRX bands, I don't have to worry about pulling down my shorts every five minutes. How cute is the scrunched detail near the knee?
As the rest of the world, I am a big fan of the casual v neck and I'm always on the quest to find more, some of my favs are James Perse or LNA, but for my workouts I prefer something that I can actually sweat like a hoss in.  I couldn't help but become enamored with is Under Armour's Victory Tee due to its easy breathing fabric and perfect length.


Secret that keeps me jump roping and not crashing into couch to catch up on the new season of Top Chef? Listening to Stereo Love, amazing jam that kept Cinched dancing with old friends until the wee hours of the morning this weekend....get it on itunes!

LBD of the Week

Because you can never have enough LBD's....and this one is under a hundred bucks!
Check out his fab find that came to me via WhoWhatWear Daily.

Lace It

 For the past few seasons we've seen the ripped tees, jeans, and leggings. Frankly I'm completely grunged out. For the fall and winter to come designers are offering lace adorned feminine looks.
Transform any LBD adding Wolford's Souvenir Tights.

Souvenir Tights
Souvenir Tights

Genuine lace with glamour factor. Lace tights with flowers and arabesques on a gossamer-fine tulle background, plus seam at the back from waistband to toe.

Souvenir Stay-Up
Souvenir Stay-Up

Sophisticated und glamorous ? la Hollywood: stay-ups made of real lace with flowers and arabesques on the finest of fine tulle. The back seam runs from the iridescent broad stay-up band right down to the toes.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Suit

Residing in Houston where the heat will pour down hard on us for about another two months, playsuits serve as saviors well into fall.
Colorful playsuit trotting in NYC