Monday, August 30, 2010

Bag Advice

In my earlier and more vulnerable years, as Nick Carraway would say, my mother gave me some shopping advice. "Before you go off buying one of every color," she said, "just get one but make it a good one." She's been saying this for as long as I can remember, and to some extent I've pretty much made it my shopping motto. I prefer being a repeat offender in a classic Loro Pianna Sweater I dug up in  Neiman's Last Call Sale, knowing that it will keep me perfectly toasty for a good amount of years, as opposed to purchasing an array of trendy off the shoulder wool ones everyone is sporting that season. Her advice has particularly stuck to me in how I go about a new handbag, every year I put a little aside in my piggy bank and will treat myself to just one, but I make it a good one.

The past five years I've been impeccably loyal to Silvia Ventiruni Fendi, admiring her work since I watched Carrie Bradshaw lug around the Fendi Baguette in the late nineties, I recall dreaming of the day I could start purchasing my own and five years ago, the year of the Spy Bag, I began my collection. Permitting myself a yearly splurge at the Fendi Palazzo in Roma since 2005, I look to what Silvia offers Fendi fans this year, and of course I'm in love with the Classico.

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