Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arrivederci Summer

Hoping everyone had an amazing and feckless Labor Day weekend, I am here to remind you of the changes you must encounter. The last weekend of summer has passed leaving the responsibilities of fall: work, school, events, and so on...all of which our wardrobe plays a major roll in. This year we've stored the slashed jeans and ripped tees with which we channeled Kate Moss's glam rock look last year, and we shift our wardrobe for a polished look that is somewhat lates 50's glam slash collegiate, after all every fall look airs a preppy feel that could'nt be better defined by

Its this time of year I miss High School the most. As strongly as we hated the restrictions our uniforms confined us to everyday, I pretty much wish I was still wearing a pleated skirt, button up oxford, and crisp navy blazer. It was so easy picking an outfit everyday till the age of eighteen, when creativity was merely expressed through our shoes, book bag, and jewels. To take the same approach I do every season, I pick three great pieces to get me through the season and assemble them with old goodies in my closet.