Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slumbering PJs

I just drooled over the glitter glam and perfectly curled locks the Victoria Secret angels trotted down the runway. My favorite piece is of course a onesie, how perfect is this to open presents on Christmas morning?

Thermal Long Jane

How cute was Akon singing "Angel"? Just got it off itunes!

Oh Jeffrey...

Because we all need a Jeffrey sometimes...Campbell that is. How divine are these to get us through holiday festivities?

Smudge Pony Hair Wedge
Lita Platform boot-glitter
Startruck Ankle Boot

Did someone say SALE??

My morning web surfing routines includes visiting Shopbop, Singer22, and Netaporter.  My eyes lit up the second I came across Netaporter's sale. Christmas is coming early for me this year, look how adorable these Chan Luu bracelets are on sale!!

14 karat rose gold vermeil leather bracelet

Rhodium plated leather bracelet

14 karat gold vermeil bracelet

Which one should I get??

Monday, November 29, 2010

Viral Monday

With a taste into the holidays Thanksgiving break left me over-served and overfed, which naturally turns into a flu.  Spending this nasty monday in bed I really wish i looked like this doll...
source: Studdedhearts

source: Studdedhearts

I hope no one else gets the case of flu Cinched caught over the break. 

Dear Santa...

I want that blogger fame,
the blogospehere to know my name.
My Powershot got splashed by Veuve,
but there is a Pentax to brighten my mood.
With cherry red cover and excellent zoom,
I can share fashion findings real fast, like boom!
Dear Santa baby, please bring me a Pentax K-R,
because if you don't, I'll wish on  a star. 




Pretty Bottled

Is it wrong to judge a fragrance by its cover? 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art edition bottle is just divine! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Turkey Besties

The morning began with a crowded kitchen, constant nibbling, and ended with a coma. 
Pumpkin lasagna, Zucchini Tiella (pizza pie) cajun turkey, endless sweets...my family overdoes everything pertaining to food. So of course I look like I'm pregnant. I'm thinking these Simplicity Girl Shorts will help cinch in the extra bulge. Love it when knickers help you out, thank you Spanx. That's why it should be called, spanxgiving.



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"Your only real friends are your panties, and even sometimes those rip,"- my mama.
I must then, choose my friends wisely. How divine are these high waisted knickers via Topshop?

High Waisted Pant by Unique

Sequin High Waisted Pant

What Anna says...

Annina does...
Anna Dello Russo announced her Holiday Party rules, and well I tend to agree with all of them. My favorite by far has to be "Don't wear RED or GREEN outfits.
You will look alike a  Christmas tree."- ADR

I'm thinking play with the metallics this year, golden or silver, take pic. 

Just Cavalli puff sleeve lame dress
Halston Heritage asymmetric metallic jersey dress

Friday, November 19, 2010

Glittering Cinch

A fan of everything sparkling, I was drawn to Jcrew's Teenie Glitter leather belt, a radiant way of cinching your waist! Available in gold or charcoal, this adorable cincher is perfect for any ensemble or holiday party LBD.





Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cinched's Best Dressed

Though Blake Lively is recognized as Vogue's Best Dressed, all eyes are on her on screen partner, Leighton Meester, sporting off the runway ensembles. Spotted in a in a risque Marchesa jumpsuit, Cinched couldn't help but wonder what kind of knickers Meester is sporting. None the less, I bow down to her brave choice, she looks flawless and fabulous. 

In Balenciaga...

In Louis Vuitton...
In Chanel Couture...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life in Plastic, its Fantastic

Design and fashion unite, Kartell & Moschino have come together to make by far the most adorably fantastic ballet flats. The gorgeous ballets for summer 2011, completely made of plastic, will be on sale coming January.  "The synergy between Kartell and Moschino finds its roots in the creative and experimental identity of the two Italian brands, which made them work together on projects that extend from fashion to design and vice versa. BowWow come from this mutual influence, a design object but also an accessible and funny fashion product," says Rossella Giardini, Moschino's creative director (Vogue.it).



Monday, November 15, 2010


Cinched recently had the pleasure of learning a tad in the world of jewels from local jewelry designer, Lauren Elizabeth Craft of Lauren Elizabeth Collection. Featured on Culturemap Houston this weekend, the designer shares her journey from an internship at Alexis Bittar to full-fledged designer.
Some of my fav jewels from her collection of over 100 pieces are...

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Rocker Ring
Socialite Bangles 14K Yellow Gold

Monday Humor

Surfing the Cool Hunter I came across what has got to be one of my favorite all time fashion blogs. Fuck Yeah Menswear, hilarious, real talk flows describing sartorial pictures. 
I give you a glimpse into this hilarity...
"Nature vs. nurture?
It’s tough to say.
When you’re DNA is this fucking crispy.
And as a young’n you kicked it in Pari.
Your kid probably geeks out over trivial shit.
Like butterflies.
Or clouds.
Or glitter.
My kid gets wide eyed.
When we discuss the merits of white jeans in winter.
Monochromatic palettes.
And well worn DB’s in exclusive colorways.
We took him out of school 2 years ago.
So he could blog full time.
His diffusion line for Heelys hits Target next month.
Apparently it’s Jil inspired.
I’ve only seen the sketches."- Fuck Yeah Menswear

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pretty Winged

They don't call them angels for nothin!
I'm in complete awe of the giant contraptions these dolls must lug down the catwalk for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airing November 30th. 

images per Tommy Ton

Friday, November 12, 2010

Grr November for Zara

Like camel, leopard print has become one the basic hues to sport this fall. Surfing along Fashionisima, I came across Zara's November lookbook, loving the grrr leopard pieces, especially the cinched mini skirt!


Just Bloggin...




Thursday, November 11, 2010

Say via Veritas

Asides from cinched waisted frocks and good food, I have another love, greeting cards. I must say I'm one of those freaks that laughs to herself in the greeting card aisles, so imagine when I was at local shop Sloan/Hall and saw out of this world greets, VERITAS,  designed by good pals Jawda & Jawda.


"My thought process is organized chaos... If it's funny and will make someone's day - it's going on a card!" - Sarah Jawda, mastermind behind these hilarious greets.

"Gone are the days of picking up a pen to scribble anything aside from one's John Hancock on a receipt. I long for snail mail and with these little gems my hope is to inspire a friendly note, a lick of the old envelope and a drop it in a good ole mailbox. Not to mention it's a reminder of what your handwriting actually looks like and how good you are without spell check.. scary, I know but I guarantee it's liberating and your pals will love you for it!"- Sarah

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tailored Holiday

Behind our favorite Stylefile's (Kalon Joseph Reid Mcmahon) cinched suits and bold slippers is Hadleigh's, "a lifestyle atelier that provides a range of bespoke clothing made to order for every type of person. It features the creations of one-of-a-kind artisans we have found in our travels. All of them are people who love the stitch of a needle, the touch of a fabric."  
Navy Silk with black beading long elegant film strip dress.

Lusting for their navy silk gown, Cinched is looking forward to the Dallas based line  debuting their Holiday Collection in a trunk show in Houston, Friday November 12 at Ocean's. 

Texan Inspired

Always dear to all things Texan, Cinched was thrilled to find a new favorite label, Herff Christiansen at fav local boutique, ABEJAS BOUTIQUE
"Herff Christiansen is a collaboration between two women- inspired by the urban landscape of Austin. Their seemingly disparate sensibilities have fused to create a collection of affordable, architectural fashion pieces that both live in the moment and transcend time"(Story). 
The Ribbed Top is my newest favorite piece to layer this season, not mention I love the cinching effect, hugs you perfectly. I have a feeling I will be sporting it daily, with spanx, leggings, skinnies,  etc...My fav hue is black of course but this top comes in charcoal, earth, steel, and white.


"The overall effect is of interchangeable pieces: wearing one alone is chic, but layering allows your individual poetry to speak."- HC