Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Humor

Surfing the Cool Hunter I came across what has got to be one of my favorite all time fashion blogs. Fuck Yeah Menswear, hilarious, real talk flows describing sartorial pictures. 
I give you a glimpse into this hilarity...
"Nature vs. nurture?
It’s tough to say.
When you’re DNA is this fucking crispy.
And as a young’n you kicked it in Pari.
Your kid probably geeks out over trivial shit.
Like butterflies.
Or clouds.
Or glitter.
My kid gets wide eyed.
When we discuss the merits of white jeans in winter.
Monochromatic palettes.
And well worn DB’s in exclusive colorways.
We took him out of school 2 years ago.
So he could blog full time.
His diffusion line for Heelys hits Target next month.
Apparently it’s Jil inspired.
I’ve only seen the sketches."- Fuck Yeah Menswear