Monday, February 21, 2011

Cinched Brr in NYC

Last Friday was one of the first glorious sunny days NYC has been blessed with this year,  I mean glorious as in short sleeves in February. When I packed for my recent NYC trip I read there was going to be this glorious weather, jamming spring coats and chic non comfy boots into my brief case. Boy was I wrong... Friday was a giant TEASE. Saturday's temps dropped to about 15 degrees and the 50 mph winds blew right through my thin coats and tripped me...if only I were wearing this adorable puffer Rachel Bilson sported at Burberry show in London this week...


Staying warm:  Loro Piana blanket as a scarf/cape at the Standard Grill.

Golden toes, but not warm...what was Cinched thinking.
Lesson learned, always pack with reason and don't trust