Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh Rihanna...

Always spotted in daring ensembles it is no suprise that her latest video's costume design would blow us away. From complex headpieces to tricolored platforms , Rihanna's S&M music video is the latest buzz in the interweb today.


 Though the title might be misleading, the new single is not about sex, its a stab the singer is taking at the media, mostly paparazzis and gossip bloggers. "I don't think of it in a sexual way, I'm thinking metaphorically," the 22-year-old singer recently told Spin. "People are going to talk about you, you can't stop that. You just have to be that strong person and know who you are so that stuff just bounces off" (mydailynews).  This kind of reminds me of when Britney tried to explain her "Slave for You" single as she was a slave for the music, jaja. Nonetheless I love both artists.