Thursday, April 28, 2011

Airport Rush

The travels always get me in a slump, whilest I'm anxious. Nothing irritates me more than having to walk in bare footsies while strangers inspect your baggies and of course on this trip i forgot to pack my special socks. So there I am in my super long jeans that can't be worn without my platforms and barefooted in line. Yuck. I need to just travel in ankle hemlines and comfy flats that I can easily slip in and out of. Airport ensemble inspiration Niki Hilton...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun Frocks

Its official Houston, the sticky summer is approaching us, and what better way to battle the heat than in summer frocks. Take a look at darling summer dresses I came across this weekend...


Ever feel like some ensembles are not meant for sitting? One of my fav skirts changed appearance after a morning of sitting at work...hmm perhaps I will get a standing desk?

Moschino Cheap and Chic top - Pauw Skirt - Prada Clogs

Monday, April 25, 2011

Korcula Jewels

With a radiant sunshine filled week, I'm quite anxious for summer to pour in on us, and nothing quite describes summer like a nautical theme, which explains my current obsession with Korcula Jewelry. I had the pleasure of meeting Houstonian jewelry designer Lindley Bertin Arnoldy of Korcula jewelry and was completely smitten by the vibrant darling. Not only was she an adorable companion at a Neiman Marcus Spring preview but I was crushing on the stunning jewels she was adorned with, from her line of course.
Signature Korcula Necklace
"The birth of Korcula stemmed from an excotic Europen travel vacation post college with my best friend. We spent a month on the islands of Croatia, and I was so captivated by the excotic nature of the landscape and the super yachts that would dock nightly at the islands, contrasted by the simplicity of the people and how relatively untouched the country was."

Nancy Bracelet
"I wanted Korcula (my line) to be exotic and unique yet timeless and classic. I am inspired by bold, strong, risk taking women and goddesses and jewelry and design that captures that nature. I am also very inspired by early Greek and Roman traditional design."

Horn Bangles
Korcula Pearl and Horn Bangles

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Denim

I can't help but dig the pastel denim hue this spring. If I were twelve I'd sport them to Easter egg hunts this holiday, too bad my parents don't hide candy and quarters in our backyard anymore. I miss childhood.
Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late Night Treat, the W-omelette

After a tough loss of 9 to 0, fellow team members and myself found ourselves at foreign places. Though many of us have spent a handful of times at Vintage, twas unfamiliar Monday evening. While the d-jay was chopping and screwing all sorts of treats, my team members and I stationed under a cabana in the Cabo-esque back patio where we observed Vintage's monday night culture. Starting with gourmet late night treats and mystical art. Let's begin with the eats, local Chef Richard  Reno of Cheerz bar and grill assembles a perfect concoction to tame a late night appetite, a

A perfect combination of everyone's favorite breakfast pieces, the waffle wrapped egg sandwhich tames hungry hippos after an evening of kickball, flip cup, and dancing, oh...the dancing.

Most of us travel to say we've been there, achem the facebook status update or foursquare check-in. Some of us check out the fashion and eats, well Cinched does...but really we want to venture away from the norm to absorb other things, like art. Traveling artist Blay Rafino graced a canvas with gorgeous strokes in the Vintage patio, blowing us all away.

And then I take note of the Hideous Liquor poster behind Blay and am reminded that once again I've found myself at Vintage.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cover Up Crush

 Its quite necessary to wear an adorable cover up before we splish splash into the pool for some fun. I've been crushing on Anna Kosturova's crochet dress since I spotted Jen Aniston sporting in Just Go With It.
Though the film was mind numbing this adorable dress made up for it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Its the magical mystery kind

Prada Clogs, Target Parking lot
Speaking of music, I'm blasting Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, current fav is Forty Days:

I've been sleeping for forty days and
Yeah, I know that I'm sleeping cause this dream's too amazing
She got gold doorknobs where her eyes used to be, yeah
One turn and I learned what it really means to see, yeah

It's the magical mystery kind
Must be a lie
Bye bye to the too good to be true kind of love
Oooooh I could die
Oooooh now, I could die

Now I've been sleeping for sixty days and
Nobody better pinch me
Bitch I swear, go crazy
She got jumper cable lips
She got sunset on her breath
I inhaled just a little bit
Now I got no fear of death

It's the magical mystery kind
Must be a lie
Bye bye to the too good to be true kind of love
Oooooh I could die
Oooooh now, I could die

-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Monday, April 18, 2011

Over the shoulder

With flared jeans everywhere this spring, a seventies vibe has swept our wardrobes and I couldn't help but dig  
JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag in Grey

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Everyone's Secret

Everyone and their mother has a best friend,  a good pair of Spanx. 
Dude, does anyone else not recall when Brad and Taylor or who ever else Rachel Zoe had running around for her looking for Spanx for everyone of her clients to wear under their Oscar frocks?  Why is it so shocking or news-breaking when a picture is snapped revealing the queen of curves, Kim Kardashian, wearing Spanx under a body cinching frock? Of course she is wearing that people, can you imagine if she actually wore undies with that? Oh the field day paparazzos would have shooting her from another angle. Power to ya Kim, you look stunning.  

source: Styleite

Friday, April 15, 2011

Let's laugh its Friday!

So I got through winter with my jeggings and now killing my legs with lunges to sport jorts all summer.  For those of you who have been under a rock for the past two years jeggings = jean leggings and jorts = jeans shorts jaja..if you think I'm overflowing with hybrid words of fashion check out what I came across on Styleite

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Threads for Fall

 Threadware Clothing made its debut with a dynamic feminine Spring line only to follow through with a breathtaking Fall collection. In warm hues and feminine silhouettes Threadware presents a breathtaking spin on early and late fall attire. Sold at various boutiques nationwide, Threadware's print and draped filled fall collection can be picked up at Houston's Rosemont 310.

 Date Night Dress - Blush  Cascade Top - Blush
Scribble Tie Neck Top    Scribble Keyhole Dress

Date Night Dress - Scribble

Cinched Top-Mulberry   Eclipse Dress- Mulberry

Our Fall 2011 collection was inspired by movement.
Dramatic draping and cascading layers give way to unexpected twists and turns. Prints vibrate with energy.- Threadware Clothing

Cinched Top- Ice   Eclipse Dress- Ice

Hammered Overlay Blouse   Hammered Warrior Dress

My favs? The Cinched Tops of course, although its quite hard to pick just one piece from the figure flattering collection, I'd like to tackle this fall in all of them. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Macchiato Amore

An espresso with a dab of steamed milk makes a little cup of love.
New fav coffee house, Catalina Coffee.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


There is something quirky about a great mixed print wedgie. I'm obsessed with Theodora & Callum lace up wedges. I spotted these babies at a Neiman's Summer preview with fav fellow blogger Lindley of Korcula Style and we've been on a search to find them since. Wether paired with an all white look or to top them with your bold sun dress, these wedgies are a perfect way to mix up the colors in your summer ensemble, find them at Neiman's

images per Neiman Marcus
 "Born out of a love for collecting beautiful things from all over the world, 
Theodora & Callum is an accessories-based line featuring scarves, jewelry, shoes and bags inspired by their travels. Drawing inspiration from Morocco, Bali, Turkey, India and the Mediterranean as well as the bon vivant mentality of the late 60’s and early 70’s European jet-set, each style feels as if it has been discovered in a far-off locale" (Behind the Brand).

Friday, April 8, 2011

"We all get dressed for Bill"

Well its about freaking time a Houston theater screens the Bill Cunningham documentary, Bill Cunningham New York. Premiering at the MFAH this Sunday the Richard Press film chronicles the life and passion of New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham.


“We all get dressed for Bill,” says Vogue editrix Anna Wintour.
"The “Bill” in question is 80+ New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. For decades, this Schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirĂ©es for the Times Style section in his columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours.” Documenting uptown fixtures (Wintour, Tom Wolfe, Brooke Astor, David Rockefeller—who all appear in the film out of their love for Bill), downtown eccentrics and everyone in between, Cunningham’s enormous body of work is more reliable than any catwalk as an expression of time, place and individual flair. In turn, Bill Cunningham New York is a delicate, funny and often poignant portrait of a dedicated artist whose only wealth is his own humanity and unassuming grace." - Zeitgeist Films

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Two young lads I snapped outside my office building. The identically dressed odd pair sport ideal ensembles for young lads to carry through a Houstonian spring and summer. In  breezy linen shirts and soft yet dark hued denim, they trot themselves in Natural Burlap Classics Men's TOMS Shoes

Brooks Brothers Linen, Zegna Jeans, Toms Shoes

Natural Burlap Classics Men's TOMS Shoes

Sicker than the remix

Pretty much will always love what Britney creates. I was in my prime teens when her beats hit the airwaves, and ever since I've held a soft spot for the Queen B. I'm obsessed with the Studded leather jacket in her latest jam. 

Burberry Prorsum studded leather jacket via netaporter

Midnight Snax

In an endless battle to cinch my waist and shed lbs, I've found one of the hardest bad habits to kick is the midnight trip to the fridge. Honestly most of these times your body is actually dehydrated and chugging a couple of glasses of agua will minimize your in the dark snack trip. If you're still craving a snack grab a handful of non butter popcorn and sprint away from the kitchen.


I'm not quite sure why but the weather change has got me dreaming of shoes...all types for that matter. While I would love me some jellies in the scorching Houston heat, I'm absolutely loving Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace Up Wedge Booties

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I can't seem to venture off from these Celine ballerinas and blue Chanel suede hobo, these babies just go with every ensemble. I wont discuss the horrible stain... I managed to spill an XL Latte on my current fav bag but a after blotting about a million damp paper towels I managed to get most of it out. 

Drink Some Karl

I've heard here and there that my favorite white haired man lives off Diet Coke. Its rumored that he dropped a crazy amount of weight in the 90's only drinking the zero calorie bubbly. Whether or not that is true, he has designed Diet Coke bottles for the second time and they are divine. I'm not much of a soda sipper but I'll def pick up one of these babies when they hit shelves in June.  "It's no surprise Lagerfeld was invited back for a second collection, this time decorating the pink and white bottles with stars, stripes and spots, next to his unmistakeable be-ponytailed silhouette" (

image per

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ready for this jelly

I don't think you're ready for this jelly...I recall being obsessed with jelly sandals up until the age of ten and well I've fallen all over again with jellies the second I saw these babies
I can't wait to cinch my toes in Missoni Jelly Flats this summer find them at Intermix.

Modern Jelly Thongs

Modern Jelly Flats