Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late Night Treat, the W-omelette

After a tough loss of 9 to 0, fellow team members and myself found ourselves at foreign places. Though many of us have spent a handful of times at Vintage, twas unfamiliar Monday evening. While the d-jay was chopping and screwing all sorts of treats, my team members and I stationed under a cabana in the Cabo-esque back patio where we observed Vintage's monday night culture. Starting with gourmet late night treats and mystical art. Let's begin with the eats, local Chef Richard  Reno of Cheerz bar and grill assembles a perfect concoction to tame a late night appetite, a

A perfect combination of everyone's favorite breakfast pieces, the waffle wrapped egg sandwhich tames hungry hippos after an evening of kickball, flip cup, and dancing, oh...the dancing.

Most of us travel to say we've been there, achem the facebook status update or foursquare check-in. Some of us check out the fashion and eats, well Cinched does...but really we want to venture away from the norm to absorb other things, like art. Traveling artist Blay Rafino graced a canvas with gorgeous strokes in the Vintage patio, blowing us all away.

And then I take note of the Hideous Liquor poster behind Blay and am reminded that once again I've found myself at Vintage.