Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Threads for Fall

 Threadware Clothing made its debut with a dynamic feminine Spring line only to follow through with a breathtaking Fall collection. In warm hues and feminine silhouettes Threadware presents a breathtaking spin on early and late fall attire. Sold at various boutiques nationwide, Threadware's print and draped filled fall collection can be picked up at Houston's Rosemont 310.

 Date Night Dress - Blush  Cascade Top - Blush
Scribble Tie Neck Top    Scribble Keyhole Dress

Date Night Dress - Scribble

Cinched Top-Mulberry   Eclipse Dress- Mulberry

Our Fall 2011 collection was inspired by movement.
Dramatic draping and cascading layers give way to unexpected twists and turns. Prints vibrate with energy.- Threadware Clothing

Cinched Top- Ice   Eclipse Dress- Ice

Hammered Overlay Blouse   Hammered Warrior Dress

My favs? The Cinched Tops of course, although its quite hard to pick just one piece from the figure flattering collection, I'd like to tackle this fall in all of them.