Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sneaking a Peek at Missoni for Target

Behind the scene photos of Margherita Missoni in the much anticipated line Missoni for Target have leaked the interwebs and boy does the line look amazeballs. Right out of a 60's movie, Margherita is decked head to toe in the iconic print.The line will not only include beloved zigzagged print clothing but accessories and traveling gear as well, there is even a rumored bicycle. The stunning line will be coming to a Target near you this fall (Shefinds).


Go ahead, get you a cuff

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feeling hot, hot, hot...

The scorching sun pouring in this beautiful Memorial Day weekend has got me thinking...how will I trot the streets of NYC and stay cool next month?  Inspired by Annalyne McCord's street style, I'm thinking pop colored shorts and deck shoes... 

image per
Jcrew Chinos - Eugenia Kim fedoras - Topshop trainers

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gym Travels

With my various change of locations this summer I've been fearing losing my workout routine. Fortunately, I've found a bag to encourage gym visits whilest I'm in New York come June and Paris come July. Flight 001 Go Clean Gym Gear is a magical sack with various compartments keeping  your clothes, shoes, and water bottle separate...and you wouldn't believe how tiny it is. I mean its like one of those super efficient astronaut inventions.

Go Clean Gym Gear from FLIGHT 001 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ropes with Rings and Knots on Strings

With an utmost respect for jewelry, Cinched is always intrigued by new designs. I'm currently crushing on jewelry creations by Lilah Gabriel, a wife and husband duo meshing knits and metals into stunning neckwear. From voluminous threads to delicate chains, the line is composed to statement pieces sure to transform any ensemble. I give you a peak at their Fall collection...


Lilah Gabriel jewelry is a luxury fashion jewelry line ranging from chunky knits of silks and metals to Peruvian and Japanese braids, draped in chain. Chunky cuff bracelets and finger-less gloves are perfect for any wrist. Freshwater pearls, semi precious stones, and crystal, adorn necklaces giving each piece an exclusive sense of individuality. From simple to complex, Lilah Gabriel covers every look.

Jason and Jessica work collectively to create these amazing pieces. From concept to sketches to finished product as well as the custom steel hangers that holds each necklace, all is meticulously crafted.  Their studio is a balance of textiles and metals. Jason and Jessica fuse textile and jewelry making techniques to create these extraordinary pieces.- LG


The Houston based label can be shopped online via Lilah Gabriel.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dimply what nots...

Come bathing suit season I diagnose myself with a mad case of the dimplies...those underskin fat knots...or whatever cellulite is composed of it sure ain't fun. Frankly, no matter how many lbs I'm shredding the dimply suckers are still around to torment during bathing suit season. One great cover up is a spray tan, for some reason it makes the dimplies less visible and well makes the rest of your bod seem a bit leaner, but as for a real cellulite cure I'm not sure what's out there that actually works, but lingerie line Wacoal is giving it a try w

Wacoal iPant Anti-cellulite Long Leg Shaper
Basically like any other shapeware piece but this one has got some sort of magical lining..."The iPant is constructed of nylon microfibers embedded with microcapsules that contain caffeine to promote fat destruction, vitamin E to prevent the effects of aging, ceramides to restore and maintain the skin's smoothness, and retinol and aloe vera to moisturize and increase the firmness of the skin. The LYCRA® beauty fabric shapes and sculpts as it releases these active ingredients into the skin."

Feathery Locks

After several celebrities were snapped sporting feathery hair locks, the trend has gone universal. Not sure how long this fashion would actually last, I searched for a less permanent/damaging alternative.  I mean at first it looks kid of creepy having feathers weaved into your weave...but check out this feather headband from Topshop:

black feather headband

Monday, May 23, 2011

Carina Carina

Over a week ago a darling 17 lb saint joined our family. Her name is Carina Madeline Stefanelli and is 11 weeks old. She is a short haired Saint Bernard who will grow to be over 100 lbs. Because she will reach her adult weight within the next six months, I am taking advantage of her baby size to trot her all over the city's pet friendly places. So far she's accompanied me at Tiny Boxwood's and Sprinkle's Cupcakes where though very tempting-I skipped on a cupcake but got her two doggie cupcakes. Isn't that amazing? Sprinkles makes pet friendly cupcakes. Because she is still a babe there are still a few other vaccines she must have before trotting over to a big park, she enjoys lots of playtime w family and friends!

Check out her swag...on my recent NYC trip I got Carina her first leash and collar from and adorable pet boutique, Zoomies NYC.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Perfectly Cinched

Looking perfectly cinched at the waist is Andy Roddick's better half, Brooklyn Decker sporting an stunningly metallic Isabel Marant skirt topped with denim button up.  


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dont miss: Reflections on Canvas

"Is that a new tattoo?" I ask local artist Caroline Schiller after noticing a small paragraph on her wrist when I ran into her at my new favorite Pizzeria joint Alto.
"No, I'm often inspired by my dreams but I didn't have my notebook near my bedside last night so I scribbled the ideas on my arm," she explained. I laugh because the scribbling on her arm is calligraphy like penmanship that looks like took hours to ink, yet the artist was half asleep when she jotted it down, as one would jott  a daily reminder of "buy milk" on a Post-it.

Copyright Caroline Schiller
There is a whimsical pattern in her work, clearly explained by inspiration in her dreams. Dreams are a mix of images and feelings, sort of our personal movies I usually blank memory of once my eyes are open. It takes a certain level of creative genius to not only recall the sensations and visuals reigning our sleep, but translating it upon canvas. These reflections are being presented by the Art Institute of Houston throughout May 27, 2011 with a reception this evening May 19th 6-9pm. 

GG Recap

Stop right there. Chuck did not just do that, aghhhh! Quite the disapointing GG episode, seeing as I really dont want Blair to marry the prince, he looks like a clean cut GI joe toy, and well we all know that she will always love Chuck. Enough with the recap though, can we please discuss Blake Lively dating Leo?!? I've pretty much been in love with him since Titanic, and last year at a shmancy club in NYC i purposely "bumped" into him only to realize that in my YSL Tribute's we were eye to eye. I'm 5'4"ish plus the YSLs makes me 5'9" making him only 5'10". But my slight disappointment in his height brushed over, his talent is beyond appearance, and though I've seen Catch Me If You Can fifty times, he still makes me laugh and cry.

Take a look at Blake in flats, I'm pretty sure she will tower over him in the Loub's she usually stomping around in, nonetheless, imagine the offspring of this duo...goooorgeous!

images per

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get Her Look: Britney

Anyway Britney, why are they so jealous that  you teamed up with me?- Nicki Minaj
Digging this look for Brit Brit  Isabel Marant lace LBD and killer Loubs.

image per
Isabel Marant, Net-a-porter

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get Your Spritz On...

So the big fancy wedding in England happened a few weeks ago, blah blah....Sorry but staying up till four am for a dress I was surely disappointed in is not really my thing. Of all the Royal Wedding buzz still lingering the media, its the skin hue of the wedding party that's caught my attention. It looks like this royal affair not only had a strict dress code, but skin code as well. Bride and sis were totally spritzed in bronzer from head to toe...

 For centuries the term "blue" blood has been used to describe those coming from royal decent.
"Blue blood is an English idiom recorded since 1834 for noble birth or descent; it is a translation of the Spanish phrase sangre azul, which described the Spanish royal family and other high nobility who claimed to be of Visigothic descent...the term distinguishes an upper class (whose superficial veins appeared blue through their untanned skin) from a working class of the time. The latter consisted mainly of agricultural peasants who spent most of their time working outdoors and thus had tanned skin, through which superficial veins appear less prominently"(Nobility).
I find it interesting that the Princess, that comes of no royal decent, and her sister are breaking the old terms and traditions and are embracing the bronze craze culture mostly seen in America. Was this planned by those who control the royal family's image to highlight that the future Queen lacks noble decent? Or was this the sisters' decision to just say, hey its my wedding, I look hot and tanned?
Either way, the tanning craze will live on, the maid of honor's faux glow is causing bronzing creams to fly off shelves, the Daily News  reports.

Daily News
Honestly though this isn't a new trend. I mean, a dark hue has been in style since the 80's. Correction, even earlier...my mother shared with me that in the seventies pouring coca cola on your legs while laying out not only quenched your thirst but stained your legs with a bronzy shade.
Natural bronzing is a thing of the past- the sun rays aren't the way to get dark now a days, we all know that. The invention of a UV free tan has been everyone's beauty secret since the turn of the millennium.

Let's crack down Houston's best sunless tan experience...


Of all the different bronzer spritzing salons I've frequented, and if you've seen how ivory my skin is you can see that's a lot, Throwing Copper has been my favorite. Not only is their solution not harmful, but it does not leave your skin skin tight dry. I also love their trick dabbing a little bit of baby powder on your neck and behind the knees, just to make those sticky areas, not so sticky while your hue sets before showering.

Bring it Britney

Every two years for as long as I can remember there is one gorgeous blonde dominating the music scene. With the release of her new album there is buzz about Britney's "comeback," which makes absolute no sense because since the days of TRL Britney Spears has dominated the music world, well my world...  Queen B, is going on tour this summer and I can't wait to see her in Houston come July. Check out the beauty in  Harper's Bazaar June 2011 cover...

Dress: Bill Blass

Dolce &Gabbana Dress, Raphael Young pumps

Monday, May 16, 2011

Olympia Crush

Hoping all Cinched readers had a delightful weekend, as I very much enjoyed mine celebrating the nuptials of dear friends. I shall confess that it was at this very wedding I fell in love with a friend's Dolly by London based shoe brand Charlotte Olympia.

And it was through my brief crush on Dolly that I discovered Dolores...

and Andrea...

Korcula Giveaway

For our mid-may giveaway, Cinched is delighted to feature a precious piece from Korcula.


Brass cuff w 24k gold plating

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cruise Dolls

Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, and Poppy Delevigne baring their stunning long legs at Chanel Collection Croisiere 2012 show.

images per

New York, New York

Enrolled in the New School's  Summer Writer's Colony, Cinched will be relocating a few miles north of Texas for the month of June. New York, here I come. 


Dont Miss: Cocktails & Art on the Lake

Emerging Houston artists come together to share their creative genius in Cocktails & Art on the Lake.  Paintings by Georgia Carter, Caroline Schiller, and Photography by Tim Proto at the Lakehouse Waterside Cafe on May 12, 2011.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A mia mama

Its quite hard to come across this holiday in early May, I mean what do you give to the person that has been your source of life, love, and friendship?
Most importantly....your favorite shopping buddy/  fashion source...Digging around I came across some memories of the 1980's and I'm digging my mama's stunning style.

Venezuela, early 80's w my brother and father
How stunning are these shades?


Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Summer Inspiration

Absolutely in love with this original watercolor fashion sketch. The bold colors and easy assembling of summer pieces makes a perfect look. For more inspiring sketches visit Classy & Fabulous.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer go to

Whilest traveling I was able to find some mini trousers I will most likely be getting through the summer with, these cotton broderie shorts go well with anything.

Fiesta Flower Short

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

High Slitting

Obsessed with Ashley Olsen's high slit vintage Dior Haute Couture gown showing off her Loubs, only appropriate that she is accompanied by the creator of red soles himself. 

image per