Monday, May 23, 2011

Carina Carina

Over a week ago a darling 17 lb saint joined our family. Her name is Carina Madeline Stefanelli and is 11 weeks old. She is a short haired Saint Bernard who will grow to be over 100 lbs. Because she will reach her adult weight within the next six months, I am taking advantage of her baby size to trot her all over the city's pet friendly places. So far she's accompanied me at Tiny Boxwood's and Sprinkle's Cupcakes where though very tempting-I skipped on a cupcake but got her two doggie cupcakes. Isn't that amazing? Sprinkles makes pet friendly cupcakes. Because she is still a babe there are still a few other vaccines she must have before trotting over to a big park, she enjoys lots of playtime w family and friends!

Check out her swag...on my recent NYC trip I got Carina her first leash and collar from and adorable pet boutique, Zoomies NYC.