Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Delikate Rayne

Growing up with a short attention span has often allowed me to get bored easily...leading me to have quite the eclectic taste in fashion. Boredom was terminated the second Delikate Rayne was dropped in my mailbox. My latest clothing label crush is Delikate Rayne, an energy filled line with pieces designed to transform any ensemble. 

Embark on an adventure into the unfamiliar. Breach the uncertainty of what lies ahead. Dare to delve the shadows... Since the dawn of consciousness, mankind has been captivated by the mystery of the unknown. This collection is inspired by our shared fixation on ambiguity and illusion - the allure of what might be. In this effort, we pay homage to our native Los Angeles, tinseled town of fantasy spun real. -Delikate Rayne

Slasher Top/Dress
The collection's standout piece is a garment that can be worn in multiple ways: a tank, dress, solid crop top, or topcrop with a graphic.