Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get Your Spritz On...

So the big fancy wedding in England happened a few weeks ago, blah blah....Sorry but staying up till four am for a dress I was surely disappointed in is not really my thing. Of all the Royal Wedding buzz still lingering the media, its the skin hue of the wedding party that's caught my attention. It looks like this royal affair not only had a strict dress code, but skin code as well. Bride and sis were totally spritzed in bronzer from head to toe...

 For centuries the term "blue" blood has been used to describe those coming from royal decent.
"Blue blood is an English idiom recorded since 1834 for noble birth or descent; it is a translation of the Spanish phrase sangre azul, which described the Spanish royal family and other high nobility who claimed to be of Visigothic descent...the term distinguishes an upper class (whose superficial veins appeared blue through their untanned skin) from a working class of the time. The latter consisted mainly of agricultural peasants who spent most of their time working outdoors and thus had tanned skin, through which superficial veins appear less prominently"(Nobility).
I find it interesting that the Princess, that comes of no royal decent, and her sister are breaking the old terms and traditions and are embracing the bronze craze culture mostly seen in America. Was this planned by those who control the royal family's image to highlight that the future Queen lacks noble decent? Or was this the sisters' decision to just say, hey its my wedding, I look hot and tanned?
Either way, the tanning craze will live on, the maid of honor's faux glow is causing bronzing creams to fly off shelves, the Daily News  reports.

Daily News
Honestly though this isn't a new trend. I mean, a dark hue has been in style since the 80's. Correction, even earlier...my mother shared with me that in the seventies pouring coca cola on your legs while laying out not only quenched your thirst but stained your legs with a bronzy shade.
Natural bronzing is a thing of the past- the sun rays aren't the way to get dark now a days, we all know that. The invention of a UV free tan has been everyone's beauty secret since the turn of the millennium.

Let's crack down Houston's best sunless tan experience...


Of all the different bronzer spritzing salons I've frequented, and if you've seen how ivory my skin is you can see that's a lot, Throwing Copper has been my favorite. Not only is their solution not harmful, but it does not leave your skin skin tight dry. I also love their trick dabbing a little bit of baby powder on your neck and behind the knees, just to make those sticky areas, not so sticky while your hue sets before showering.