Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dont miss: Reflections on Canvas

"Is that a new tattoo?" I ask local artist Caroline Schiller after noticing a small paragraph on her wrist when I ran into her at my new favorite Pizzeria joint Alto.
"No, I'm often inspired by my dreams but I didn't have my notebook near my bedside last night so I scribbled the ideas on my arm," she explained. I laugh because the scribbling on her arm is calligraphy like penmanship that looks like took hours to ink, yet the artist was half asleep when she jotted it down, as one would jott  a daily reminder of "buy milk" on a Post-it.

Copyright Caroline Schiller
There is a whimsical pattern in her work, clearly explained by inspiration in her dreams. Dreams are a mix of images and feelings, sort of our personal movies I usually blank memory of once my eyes are open. It takes a certain level of creative genius to not only recall the sensations and visuals reigning our sleep, but translating it upon canvas. These reflections are being presented by the Art Institute of Houston throughout May 27, 2011 with a reception this evening May 19th 6-9pm.