Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ropes with Rings and Knots on Strings

With an utmost respect for jewelry, Cinched is always intrigued by new designs. I'm currently crushing on jewelry creations by Lilah Gabriel, a wife and husband duo meshing knits and metals into stunning neckwear. From voluminous threads to delicate chains, the line is composed to statement pieces sure to transform any ensemble. I give you a peak at their Fall collection...


Lilah Gabriel jewelry is a luxury fashion jewelry line ranging from chunky knits of silks and metals to Peruvian and Japanese braids, draped in chain. Chunky cuff bracelets and finger-less gloves are perfect for any wrist. Freshwater pearls, semi precious stones, and crystal, adorn necklaces giving each piece an exclusive sense of individuality. From simple to complex, Lilah Gabriel covers every look.

Jason and Jessica work collectively to create these amazing pieces. From concept to sketches to finished product as well as the custom steel hangers that holds each necklace, all is meticulously crafted.  Their studio is a balance of textiles and metals. Jason and Jessica fuse textile and jewelry making techniques to create these extraordinary pieces.- LG


The Houston based label can be shopped online via Lilah Gabriel.