Sunday, July 31, 2011

Satchel Up

Some of us collect shoes, some of us collect boys, but lately I've been focusing on handbags. I'm quite addicted to having the option of a long strap that can just sort of swing over my shoulders in case of an action filled day-- like you know when I also throw my super hero cape on. There's a satchel out there I will start collecting pennies for this fall, Proenza Schouler's PS1. In three sizes and an array of colors, these satchels seem like the perfect bag to spend the fall with.

Small leather satchels:
-green    -black
Large suede satchels:
Large leather satchels:

                 PS1  suede satchel in raspberry             imageper

Back to School Giveaway

Travels are over, bags all unpacked. I'm afraid to be the ill news barerer but its time to face the end of summer. There is no better way to brave it out than a back to school GIVEAWAY! Keep your makeup, pencils, pens, boys, or toys in this Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Pouch.

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I've been a little addicted to a pair of pleated shorts this summer. They are a little masculine but quite comfortable, no matter what my manfriend says, I wont stop wearin 'em. If it cinches my waist and its navy, you betcha I'll be a repeat offender...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pussy Bow

This must be the sweetest little dress that Asos carries because its called the ASOS sleeveless dress with a Pussy bow. What is a pussy bow anyways? According to the wiktionary a pussy bow is "a large, floppy bow on an item of clothing." I'm currently smitten by a sleeveless dress with a large floppin bow, it reminds me of something I would have worn to church about twenty years black and in yellow. What color should I cinch?

ASOS Pussy Bow Dress

Lace me crazy

Everything is better when its laced.
The ups and downs soaked without a trace.
we only think of it in two hues,
but what if red, yellow and blues?
 Something extra pretty cinching you well,
you'll look stunning, go cast a spell...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cinched Men: Sail away, sail away...

Um, yum. Usually I'm drooling over Anne Hathaway's stunning red carpet gowns but currently crushing on this fine hunk of sailor she's traveling with, Adam Shulman. Let's see if I can actually get my manfriend to channel this look...


Get it before everyone else...

The latest hot ticket access in le fashion world is Moda Operandi, an answer to all fashion lover's prayers. For example if you are like cinched and stuck living in a not so fashion forward city,  or well Texas really, there are certain high fashion pieces you can't have access to (hence my frequent jumps to NYC). Well, here came Moda Operandi to save my prayers...a membership is required to access MO so email me for a referral!

Moda Operandi is the first online luxury fashion retailer to allow members to pre-order tomorrow's styles today.
Working closely with the world's top designers, Moda Operandi provides fashion trendsetters with access to complete collections from the finest brands - including exclusive ready-to-wear, accessories and jewelry - immediately following their runway show.
With membership perks that include recommendations from top stylists, access to a personal shopping assistant, and tools to review looks from every angle, Moda Operandi puts its customers front row at the runway, from the comfort and privacy of home.- MO

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bride Crush

There is nothing more delightful and dear to my heart than celebrating the love of dear friends. It was this June I developed a major crush on a couple of Oscar de la Renta dresses darling bride Caroline tied the knot in. Caroline kicked off her wedding celebrations with a silk faille one shoulder dress from Oscar's Spring 2011 Bridal collection and Louboutin pumps. The sculptural one shoulder number complimented the navy hued ambiance.

"I had always thought about having a black and white wedding, but for the summer I decided that it would be better to go with a little softer color. Navy is one of my favorite colors and thought it would look so pretty with the flower colors and my white dress."- Caroline

To Shop: Curve

Trotting Soho for an afternoon of shopping, a local friend led us to an adorable high end boutique, Curve. From stunning McQueen clutches to adorable hot pink jorts, you are sure to find a staple addition to your wardrobe. There are locations in LA and Miami if you don't find yourself in NY. Now if only we could get one of these stunning boutiques in Texas...


Cinched Men: Let's be knotty

Every boy needs to get knotty every now and then. Wether its part of your work uniform, your idiot best friend getting married, or a fancy dinner your gf is dragging you to - I know you guys eventually have to cinch your neck with a tie. Instead of borrowing from your old man's closet, take a look at the Knottery.

The Barton - The Gus - The Larry - The Marschak - The Scotty - The RexThe Arthur - The Miles
We are a small company who knows what the men of today are looking for (besides love). In the real world, a man should be able to afford the tie he loves and not be forced to love the tie he can afford. The vision: affordable style for the initiated; attainable style to the beginner. This isn’t your grandfather’s haberdasher (unless he wants it to be). - The knottery

Monday, July 25, 2011

Favorite Things

Throughout my childhood there was a pair of sisters I idolized, and well my obsession has sort of sprung up again since sighting them over a dinner with friends this weekend at Il Mulino, NYC. Which is why I was delighted to read that today's WhoWhatWear guest editor is Mary-Kate Olsen herself. From lip balm to candles,  Whowhatwear shares Mary-Kate's favorite things.

Check out the sisters previewing The Row handbags reaching stores this fall...


To Brunch: ABC Kitchen

Sundays should be committed to Brunching. My Sunday was committed to brunch of course, and well, flying back home to Texas. Before ending my brief ny adventure I wandered to ABC Kitchen for sunday brunch at its best. Though slightly disappointed with the breaded oysters in the European scrambled eggs special, I was delighted by the fluffly buttermilk pancakes and array of fresh juices offered.

To Sleep: The Bowery Hotel

Noho has become my favorite place to slumber when visiting NYC. During my June stay, I lived at the Cooper Square Hotel for a few weeks and always walked by a neighboring charm, The Bowery Hotel. A brief visit with girlfriends led me to check its chic antique furnished rooms...

Annina Stefanelli, The Bowery Hotel

To Lunch: Cafe Gitane

Tripping it to the city on a weekend with girlfriends brings evenings of getting into trouble. There could not have been a better cure for a dancing filled Friday night than Cafe Gitane's refreshing tower of cous cous. Composed of veggies and mint, this gorgeous tower is topped with humus. 

Avocado Toast 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crazy Stupid Red Carpet

Anxiously awaiting the theatrical release of Crazy Stupid Love, I'm head over heels for Emma Stone's premiere ensemble:  lace Tom Ford LBD, Louboutin Pumps, and red hot spout.

Rock on ma fingor

My latest lickin obsession are Papabubble's candy rings. A gift from my bestie, these knotted candy rings can be found at Bergdorf's and PapabubbleNY. Located in Little Italy, the caramel artesans craft delicious adornments I'd swap my Bvlgari's for any day. Any of you hunkin gentlemen out there that want to be-wed Cinched...gimme one of these rocks.

Missoni a Home

I've been a fan of Missoni Home ever since my mother began gifting my father the iconic print bathrobes. Mind you she did it so he would quit wandering the front yard in his now he wears that over his pjs in order to garden...hmm well if you cant notice the 6'2'' potbellied italian in the middle of West U, you must not have an eye for Missoni...Graphic design college surely be able to spot Missoni though.Check out their home goodies...

Missoni Home living room... 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easy Breezy

 Getting through the dog days of summer has limited my wardrobe to loose tops and shorty shorts, making Rebecca Minkoff's  apparel my latest obsession. Easy breezy summer ensemble brought to us by Rebecca Minkoff's pop colored silk pieces...

Tatiana Top - Hali cutout short  -  Becky Jacket  -  Paolo Top


Rachel Bilson, a doll to us all, quite often perfects an effortlessly chic look. This particular ensemble is an ideal post summer and intro to fall outfit. August is just a blink away so its time to think about schoolboy blazers and grown up handbags. I love this look because in Houston we can't really embrace the fall tweeds, we need to stay cool by pairing a school boy blazer with a leg baring bottom in order to put summer behind us...


Sober is sexy

talk about buzz kill....jaja 
so them latest rehab completing celebs are sporting this swag...
Party safely guys!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot Nites

A sudden change of plans has turned Cinched's July out of sync. I will no longer be heading to Parigi for school so I'm kind of extremely bored sorting how to amuse myself these hot days in Houston, I've seen almost every film out there. Yes, I even saw Monte Carlo. I must get out of this town soon or I might pick up a Texan accent out of boredom. I will be curing my emotional state this evening by heading to the MFA to please my sight with Helmut Newton's groundbreaking work. There will be 'tails and music, so I suggest some of you join me this Hot Night.

images per

Feather Up

One of my favorite bloggin reads, Martinis and Manolos, is hosting a fabulous giveaway of Gorjana Jewelry...

The most creative entry will win a pair of the coveted peacock feather earrings! For a bonus entry, head over to the Gorjana Facebook page and “like” them too - be sure to include this in your wall post if you have “liked” us both!
Rules & Conditions Apply: Offer only available to US residents. There will be only one winner which will be decided by Manolos and Martinis based on the most creative response on our Facebook wall. Deadline for entering the giveaway is July 19th, 2011 at 12pm CST.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Salute your shorts

Summer nights are for leg showin, and what better way to show those limbs than to trot around in shorts and heels. In an array of styles, these ladies strutted their way to the Britney Spears concert in scallop hemed, leather, and navy sequin shorts.
Precious Cinch readers, Salute these shorts...

Zac, a fav

Over the years I've fancied one man's designs when it comes to cocktail dresses, Zac. 
With a fancy for high fashion, yet lacking the size 0 frame, Cinched turns to Zac Posen for edgy cocktail dresses that fall perfectly on my silhouette. My current fav is a backless number I own in fuchsia and most recently - royal blue. A perfect hue for a summer wedding, I danced all evening celebrating the nuptials of old friends.

Zac Posen dress, Chanel bag, Roberto Coin jewels

"My work is about the female body and, ultimately, my clothes are about making women feel and look beautiful"- Zac Posen

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rai: by Raihana

Nothing gives Cinched more pride than updates on the creative genius of the individuals we have been honored to feature in Stylefiles. Raihana, an old friend and style mentor, has launched her jewelry design website,  Rai by Raihana

Raihana creates one-of-a-kind, hand crafted pieces of jewelry. Her passion for art and her curious personality define her style of design.

Raihana's jewelry is fabricated using rare and highly-desired materials, including precious and semi-precious gemstones, gold and diamond charms, Tahitian pearls, turquoise beads, blood red coral, and citrine. Her pieces are frequently contrasted with natural and rare elements, such as onyx and sandalwood. Each piece incorporates ideas from her travels across the world, her love of different cultures, her strong sense of fashion, and her diverse taste in music. More importantly, each piece of jewelry carries its own special meaning.

From the islands of Bali, the market streets of Cairo, and the high plains of Texas, Rai by Raihana exemplifies vivid spirit and eccentric design (Rai by Raihana).

That's a cinch

An ultimate believer in cinching, am I going over board wearing four belts tonight?

missoni dress, array of belts

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sun Frocks

There is always that perfect sundress you can't seem to part from come summer. The one you can wear out dancing all night glammed up and pair with flats to hung over brunch in. Check out Blue Life's Bachelorette dress...

Blue Life's Bachelorette dress...

Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm not sure what is scarier, this model's fake breastesses or the bathing suit staring back at us....double gross. Who in their right mind would purchase these offensive monstrosities?


Maxi ness

Maxi skirts. Maxi frocks. Maxiness is all around.
You know its extremely hot when your sunday brunch is interrupted from the backs of your sweaty thighs sticking to the patio chairs. I've got a solution my dears the thigh lit maxi. Forget those shorts suffocating your thighs, opt for a thigh slit to keep it all nice and breezy. 
Tommy Ton
Go on cinchers, get you some maxis...


Friday, July 8, 2011

Emma darling

I'm absolutely becoming an Emma Watson groupie. Let's review what she's been sporting to Harry Potter premieres...not only are both dresses divine but they are impeccably accessorized, never over done. Also majorly crushing on her pixie haircut, what a doll. 

Rafael Lopez LBD, Chanel pumps
Oscar de la Renta gown
images per

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Love a flare

I like big butts and I can not lie. 
Trotting the retail swamped streets of NYC caused a lot of temptation. Shopping temptations...One of my favorite purchases has been Rag & Bone's Elephant Bell jean. Not only does this flared denim slim my thunder thighs, but also does the booty good.  One thing a flared leg jean will grant you is a nice round booty, especially after adding a little height with wooden platforms.

Givenchy Studded Wooden Platforms

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hop on the Reserve

My latest shopping addiction is R29's Reserve, bringing a new concept to online lifestyle shopping featuring exclusive products, offers, and experiences tailored for fashion lovers just like you my fellow readers. This week Reserve is bringing us an array of amazing deals: exclusive from designer Heidi Merrick, a cleanse from Joule Body perfect to kick that post holiday hangover, and a chance to hop off the hot subway and onto a custom bike courtesy of Public Bikes...go check them out...

Shop now...
The Aisle New York

Don't miss Thursday...