Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cinched Men: Let's be knotty

Every boy needs to get knotty every now and then. Wether its part of your work uniform, your idiot best friend getting married, or a fancy dinner your gf is dragging you to - I know you guys eventually have to cinch your neck with a tie. Instead of borrowing from your old man's closet, take a look at the Knottery.

The Barton - The Gus - The Larry - The Marschak - The Scotty - The RexThe Arthur - The Miles
We are a small company who knows what the men of today are looking for (besides love). In the real world, a man should be able to afford the tie he loves and not be forced to love the tie he can afford. The vision: affordable style for the initiated; attainable style to the beginner. This isn’t your grandfather’s haberdasher (unless he wants it to be). - The knottery