Friday, August 26, 2011

attraverso il lago a barca

 I really wish I had that "no tears tangle reducing" shampoo I used as a child. Thinking  I looked super chic with my hair blowing on a boat ride across Lago di Como I've tangled my thin maine into some nasty knotts. Solution: Kerastade masque + hair comb + patience.

T by Los Angeles Dress - Lisa Freede necklace - bracelet

                                                                                                                 Annina Stefanelli

Yesterday we took a ride to a little island in the middle of the lake for dinner called Isola Comacina. Not a particularly outstanding meal, but its one of those places worth going to  once for its view and entertainment. After an endless lemon drenched meal, dinner is concluded with a brandy fired coffee, sending you on a wired and slightly tipsy boat cruise home. 

Blevio, Italy