Friday, August 19, 2011

Jump across the pond

Its been a long time since I came around
Been a long time, but I'm back in town. 
This time I'm not leaving without you
 This weekend Cinched jumps across the pond for a fam trip. The next two weeks I will spend lakeside with my brothers for full on quality bonding time. Composing our itinerary I was already yelled at for referring to a Riva as a "wooden boat thing", older bro responds "its not a canoe you idiot." Whatever, they are shiny, wooden, and pretty. But most importantly they are my tool for trying to creep on George Clooney on the lake. Anyways, back to packing...

Because of my ever so wide hips and short stature I have always been hesitant towards the maxi, but yesterday the lovely ladies at Katia introduced to Cinched a Mason by Michelle Mason skirt and I'm hooked. The ever so soft jersey is a nice way to stay cool whilest the slit gives a perfect peek to show off new shoes. All I'm packing are scarves and maxis...not really but a jersey maxi has found its way into my end of summer and intro to fall uniform. Who knows, I could see me wearing this baby into winter.