Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cankle Booties

As a mother of a Saint Bernard, Carina,  I know how hard it can be to shop for cankle friendly booties. While I can't wear thigh highs with the ham legs I gots, Carina can't really wear booties bec well her legs are bottom heavy.  Fear not my friends because I have a solution...Maison Martin Margiela Open toe bootie...lots of space for an ankle calf to slip in...and now if only I can find thunder thigh friendly boots, Carina and I will be set for the season.


As if we were there...

Cinched may not have been across the pond sitting next to ADR front row, but I leave it to Tommy Ton to make me feel as if we were there. My favorite part of fashion weeks across the globe is that Ton will always be there to capture and share the best of what is occurring off the runways. 
One of my favorite of his finds are the bright clutches and the matter in which the fashion elite are carrying them. 

Life Aquatic...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cinched Needs Help: Intern Search

Bloggin is a full time job yo, and well I'm kind of under a pile of work...the Cinched at the Waist Internship search begins...Do you enjoy fashion and writing? Cinched at the Waist is a growing fashion and lifestyle blog looking for an editing intern to help us expand. Photoshop, editorial, and creative writing experience is preferred. 
Submit your resumes here 
(and by resume I mean an email telling me how you cinch your waist)
Don't you want to work next to Fred?

A Cinched Intern must...
- Visit Fred and I Monday - Thursdays
- Show off photoshop skills
- Upon occasion, venture with Cinched to events
- Know what shopbop, net-a-porter, and ASOS are
- Have basic camera skills

Can't wait to find a co- cinched to cinch with!!

Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony

Navajo and aztec prints have been immersed into the hottest trends for fall, which is why Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony caught the eye of our guest editor, LaurenWhen native American wool meets cool girl wear, born are statement pieces to brave the chill to come. A mix of the pendleton print and Opening Ceremony silhouette, these cinched waisted coats make a stunning outerwear piece for winter. 

Famed for their quality wool plaid shirts and Native American jacquards, iconic US brand Pendleton mark their 100th anniversary in a collaboration with multifaceted, downtown New York label, Opening Ceremony. Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony sees Pendleton’s first ever collaboration and focuses on a unique re-working of Pendleton’s classic styles, including their iconic wool shirting and Native American inspired jacquards.
While we may not need outerwear in Texas for a couple of months, its worth venturing into the rest of their collection for statement separates and dresses...

Climate Envy

About this time of year I start to develop a strong disdain for the weather in which I live. Whilest heavy tweeds and wools adorn retail shelves, Houstonians are a bit stuck in our summer wear with the melting 90 days and if lucky evenings of mid 80's. Dubs tee F. If I run into another pair of flip flops or cargo shorts I will just have to leave the gorgeous Texas of mine. Seriously, why can't we just for once have a real autumn? I guess I will just await until Thanksgiving where a mere 50's cool will please my longing for cashmere... I just want to cuddle in these...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hot Sale Find: The LMD

Snag yourself this LMD (little maxi dress) in oat or in black, now on sale. Cinch with a belt to make a great saturday dress, or jump on wooden heels for a dinner outing strut  LnA's Jackie Long Dress.

Most Wanted: Walk n' Shake

Another fringe, is what you need. 
Really what I need...been stalking these Isabel Marant fringers for a couple of weeks now. The red hot, black, and white sell out like hot cakes on net-a-porter, I really think I'm going to have to cave in. At first I was hesitant, but now that I can't have 'em I really really want 'em.

Friday, September 23, 2011

To Brow-Shape: Edward Sanchez

Jetted over to Urban Retreat's new location in River Oaks shopping center, to see the master of brow shaping, Edward Sanchez. While he is the most requested make-up artist in town, Edward is a genius at shaping brows. In a quick ten minutes he cinched the shapeless stale hairs above my eyes, to actual brows. I been blessed without a unibrow, but also deprived of anything to work with up there. I always assumed ignoring the little bits of brows I had was the way to go, but its amazing what a well shaped brow can add to your features...I thank the brow genius, Edward Sanchez.

Yes, It's the Same Story

Continued...Just as I began to enjoy the smell an escape, a buzzing phone dances at the bottom of my Rochas borsa (Yes, I’m only wearing big bags now).  It’s him. My dumb mother must have leaked this number. I always knew she was on his side. I answer without saying anything, and await his stern voice.
“Where the hell are you kid?”
 He never says hello or goodbye when we speak, just jumps to a request. I’ve always hated that. 
“Did you get the package? When can I see you?”
Before I cave in, a strength within throws my phone overboard. He will never find me now that he sinks under a highway of Rivas. I should throw the package over as well. Agh, the package. The reason I’ve escaped from home. 
As hulking as he appears cinching his colossal biceps in JP knits, he is quite the coward having his assistant deliver it...hidden inside a Smythson, my favorite of diaries, was an assemblage of paper: a scotch drenched letter, an endless blabber of formality, and three blank lines awaiting my scribbled name. He would attempt to disguise this as a gift, king of all jerks.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Editor: Lauren on Jewels

Cinched at the Waist absorbs most of her fashion inspiration from her pals, which is why it is my pleasure to introduce darling friend, Lauren as guest editor on the topic of jewelry. Always cinching her arms, neck, or ears with a stunning piece, I was drawn to Lauren's eye for unique pieces. One of my favorite of her's is bird and tree necklace she found on a recent NYC trip at Albertine, a hidden gem of a store she led us to in West Village. As guest editor Lauren shares with us her favorite jewelry designers, stores, and the process behind crafting a framed jewelry hanger.

Lauren Leigh Clark
With an eclectic jewelry collection, ranging from precious stones to statement costume pieces, Lauren was inspired to adorn her home with a framed jewelry  hanger, "with a big open space on one of my bathroom walls, I wanted to hang something pretty, yet functional. I had seen the idea before in boutiques, and started googling...i decided I wanted a neutral palette and I loved the idea of different cabinet knobs."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pleasure Doing Cinch-ness

Pleasure Doing Business is an American based label whose innovative material cinches to flatter what you've got. Show off your curves with the line's blend of polyester and rubber blended fabrics.  With an array of skin banded skirts for cinched nights out, to voluminous skirts and frocks for flirty days in.

petitcoat dress  -  fit flare bandage skirt  -  bandage seam skirt

Monday, September 19, 2011

Riding for Fall

Last year I wore out the Houlihans, spring twas the colored reds, and come Fall I'm gonna channel equestrians with Jbrand's Jodhpur's, a contemporary twist on the classic riding pantalones.
I never did ride ponies as a child, I'm from down south biaatch. Grew up with iguanas in my yard. All I know is that these pants are gonna cinch up my american thighs a couple of inches...there is just something about J Brand's luxe twill that cinches my legs to appear slim and european.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mud Flaps

The maker of all cool girl looks, Alexander Wang,  gives us metallic sandals with only the coolest mirrored flap detail on the back heel...for those of you that enjoy going mudding in your sandals, these babies are just for YOU.

                        Alexander Wang Fabiana High Heel Sandal

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bind This...

"I know it sounds mental, but sometimes I have more fun vegging out than when I go partying. Maybe it's because my party clothes are so binding..."- greatest film of all time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Juice: Snap Kitchen

I'm not sure if it's a post Italy vacay-bloat or an array of binding leather items on my fall wish list veering me towards a health kick,  achem...a juice cleanse. Cinched is to get all juicy at Snap Kitchen. The healthy takeaway eatery is cold pressing all sorts of delicious fruit and vegetable blends. Cinched's fav: the Watermelon Mint Papaya, a refreshing fruit medley pleasing my sweet craving taste buds. Allow Fred,  to introduce you...

The cold Pressed, unpasteurized juices make a perfect selection for a full on juice cleanse or sub a healthy snack.

Lol, Anchor Mocks Kardashian Attempt at Clothing

Can the Kardashian Klan just cool it with the branding? First the weight loss potions, parfums, jewelry, they really want to design clothing? Watch as news anchor mocks their interview...

I wanna Silvana...

The Fendi Silvana, named after te darling Italian actress of the 1970's, can already be sensed as a classic in the making. In various sizes and color blocked styles, the front flapped bag is a star player among the fashion crowd. Though in classical lady like shape, the calf skin goodie comes in an array of color combinations...its really an updated version of a lady bag. A classic design, updated to the color-block of today.

                                                                                                                                    image per

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

She's a hot mesh

  Jimmy Choo never fails to create an alluring bootie, but this fall I'm head over heels impressed with no more, no less, than a beautiful mesh...

Poof its gone..Missoni for Target

Brilliant Cinched at the Waist had a couple of more important things to do this am and did not walk over to the Target on San Felipe to catch what the world has been anxiously awaiting for...Missoni for Target. At around noon I realize what I was SUPPOSED to do before coming to work and hop next door to see the darling everythings Margherita has been teasing us with. A sales attendant approaches my confused self and says, "honey its all gone," before I notice the empty shelves. The clothes, the shoes, the children's, the home decor...ALL OF IT. SOLD OUT. It was a little bit like that scene in Contagion when everyone starts looting and fighting over the meds.

                                                                                                           Missoni for Target home, image per Annina Stefanelli

Between you and me...the cute sales attendant did whisper they will refill shelves on Tuesday. 
See you on Tuesday Missoni lovers! 

Wishing I wuz there...

Thanks to Luisa Via Roma, we can get a before the show vibe of Alexander Wang's SS2012 via the voice's of fashion...

If ADR says you are cool. You are really fucking cool.

Cool Girl Look....

Alexander Wang Tie waist dress -  High Low Dress  -  Double Belt

Denim Update

Since I've gone a little emo with the fiction stories, I hope you don't think you've lost me at the most critical time of the year. Let's get down to business cinched readers. This week initiates what we need for fall, and let's begin with Denim. For summer we went all rainbow and got us an assortment of denim hues but for fall, we turn to animal prints. I'm glad Lisa has got me doing lunge matrix at 3D Fitness, otherwise my american thighs would NOT be ready for these...
Let's get Current with our jeans...leopard and snakeskin by Current Elliott:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Di Verde Story

We have floating pools because the lake is toxic.
 Just like him. I dipped my toes in, and they stung the tingly way my lips did when they met his. "You have real doll lips," he told me as he pulled away, "dont waste them."
It's hard to listen to warnings, harder so to resist toxic boys.

This is a just a short story. There is no real toxic lake, 
toxic boys, on the other hand, they are  all around you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pop Meets Gritty: ABBEY GOLDEN

Set to debut her work in Houston Saturday September 10, 2011 at Dream, artist Abbey Golden shares her work, appreciation for vintage Sports Illustrated, and favorite fall trend...

"Full Disclosure"

Giveaway: Le Jeans de Chanel

Of all of my addictions, I must say nail laquers is at the top of the list. For FNO Chanel has released their limited edition Denim inspired hues, and because I'm such a lover, I want to share my favorite hue with YOU. September giveaway: Blue Boy.

Enter to

Follow us on GF

(leave a comment with your name and contact info)
Winner announced September 17th, 2011

Walks with Bella!!

Soothing Spheres

I'm all flaked up, my lips dehydrated...a result of braving a strong boat ride wind. If I were smart, I would have sat quietly bellow, but where is the fun in that? Besides, nothing EOS can't fix...

                                                                                       Lago di Como, Italy

Don't Miss: Dream

This Saturday evening dreams will cloud the walls of Hudson lounge with the works of Caroline Schiller, Abbey Golden, and Carmen Reed. The art exhibition and cocktail party featuring small bites and signature cocktails will benefit ArtBridge, a local arts program for homeless children. With the bar in full swing, and dreams floating all around Hudson Lounge is the destination on Saturday September 10, 2011.

                                                                                                           Caroline Schiller

"I am pretty obsessed with dreams, dreaming, anything dream-like. And one of the coolest things about art is that you can create an image that is a mind-bending escape from reality and one thing that I love about both Abbey and Carmen's art is that I feel that similar idea is present when I look at their work." - featured artist, Caroline Schiller

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Top it for Fall

Cinched is overly smitten with fall themes Topshop has chosen to get us through Fall with, especially Bavaria and Prim and Polished.  Because we all know as August jetted its way out the nerdy bones within us want to look mature, crisp, and a little bit prude (achem, the midi-length skirt trend)- take Topshop's Prim and Polished looks...

Who says we can't be decadent and hippie at the same time? Its fun dressing for music festivals and all but the hippies within us need some blingy frocks for those late nights and after parties fall and winter bring.
Check out Topshop's Bavaria items, inspired by folk art...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dubs Tee Effe with the What's New today Shopbop
You really want me to jump into the entertainment industry for fall huh? Let's just Tory Burch it with some pantalones that make this needle legged model thunder thighed, and cinch you neck with Jill Stuart pussy bow blouse to clown face all over town. What oversized shoes are there to complete the clown ensemble? Oh wait, and if you're feeling like a blaze, which I really hope you are when you pick out this outfit... don't forget to top off with a Charles Jacket for the more formal functions you'll be making a spooke at. 

Tory Burch Andres Pants - Jill Stuart - Tory Burch Charles Jacket - Alice+Olivia Java Booties

And for the slutty clowns, don't worry I have not forgotten you: The Lula Skirt...Yes, this skirt makes your ass look flat (no I didn't mean to type fat, flat like a pancake). 

Warning to readers:  If you just must plaid it this fall, these items are to be worn separately. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Another Story

I used to eat his text messages for breakfast.
Its been four months and I'm starving.  His nightstand is flooded with messages from my behalf, and a couple of two ring and hang up phone calls. I heard his breath before I hung up the second time, I bet it smelled of stale coconut water. He knows it was me. I figured a new handbag would numb my longing, but the calf skin overload purchase only recalled our first evening together. Before sitting down for dinner he made me coat check my purse. 

                                                                                                                    Celine Luggage Tote
 I swore off mega bags for three seasons. That's how long we were together- resort, spring, and summer. For Fall, I move on. For Fall, I start again.

Alexander Wang - Proenza Schouler - YSL - Chloe 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cinched Uomo

What were boys sporting on the lake? Aside from an adorable lifeguard there didn't seem to be much eye candy at the floating pool. Most of the CastaDiva Resort crowd consisted of young families or Ferrari driving old geysers with their much too young girlfriends. I'll spare you of the tiny boyshorts the leathery old gents blinded me with and share what Dre was sporting these days at il lago...

Army green linen  -  red printed trunks -  pink linen
bougainvillea trunks  -  choco linen shirt  - blumarine trunks

Friday, September 2, 2011

Double Coated

I really want to be super leathery all winter and fall but I should skip the crotch sweat wearing leather in Houston weather would cause, and opt for the waxed coated sateens J Brand so brilliantly composed in stunning shades of ...

Cinched needs your like!!

Ciao favorite readers! I hope you all  are fabulously cinched for the holiday weekend, but first I'd like to ask a couple of favors. Would you please help Cinched with the Bloggers Wardrobe  competition and LIKE this page,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Shop, Milan: 10 Corso Como

Venturing into Milano I made a stop at 10 Corso Como. Founded in 1990 by Carla Sozzani, 10 Corso Como is a concept haven fusing fashion, art, design, and music. Behind the landscaped cafe lies the my favorite piece of the whole concept, the shop. A collage of cultural and commercial entities from fashion to design, including music, lifestyle, art and photography it marks the beginning of total shopping.The store ranges from vintage jewelry to high fashion ready to wear and not to mention an incredible beauty department. Of all the shopping in Milano, this was by far a fav. Pardon the lack of photographs of goodies inside the store, but the Polizia started to come after me.

10 Corso Como, Milan