Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cinched Needs Help: Intern Search

Bloggin is a full time job yo, and well I'm kind of under a pile of work...the Cinched at the Waist Internship search begins...Do you enjoy fashion and writing? Cinched at the Waist is a growing fashion and lifestyle blog looking for an editing intern to help us expand. Photoshop, editorial, and creative writing experience is preferred. 
Submit your resumes here 
(and by resume I mean an email telling me how you cinch your waist)
Don't you want to work next to Fred?

A Cinched Intern must...
- Visit Fred and I Monday - Thursdays
- Show off photoshop skills
- Upon occasion, venture with Cinched to events
- Know what shopbop, net-a-porter, and ASOS are
- Have basic camera skills

Can't wait to find a co- cinched to cinch with!!