Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dubs Tee Effe with the What's New today Shopbop
You really want me to jump into the entertainment industry for fall huh? Let's just Tory Burch it with some pantalones that make this needle legged model thunder thighed, and cinch you neck with Jill Stuart pussy bow blouse to clown face all over town. What oversized shoes are there to complete the clown ensemble? Oh wait, and if you're feeling like a blaze, which I really hope you are when you pick out this outfit... don't forget to top off with a Charles Jacket for the more formal functions you'll be making a spooke at. 

Tory Burch Andres Pants - Jill Stuart - Tory Burch Charles Jacket - Alice+Olivia Java Booties

And for the slutty clowns, don't worry I have not forgotten you: The Lula Skirt...Yes, this skirt makes your ass look flat (no I didn't mean to type fat, flat like a pancake). 

Warning to readers:  If you just must plaid it this fall, these items are to be worn separately.