Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Editor: Lauren on Jewels

Cinched at the Waist absorbs most of her fashion inspiration from her pals, which is why it is my pleasure to introduce darling friend, Lauren as guest editor on the topic of jewelry. Always cinching her arms, neck, or ears with a stunning piece, I was drawn to Lauren's eye for unique pieces. One of my favorite of her's is bird and tree necklace she found on a recent NYC trip at Albertine, a hidden gem of a store she led us to in West Village. As guest editor Lauren shares with us her favorite jewelry designers, stores, and the process behind crafting a framed jewelry hanger.

Lauren Leigh Clark
With an eclectic jewelry collection, ranging from precious stones to statement costume pieces, Lauren was inspired to adorn her home with a framed jewelry  hanger, "with a big open space on one of my bathroom walls, I wanted to hang something pretty, yet functional. I had seen the idea before in boutiques, and started googling...i decided I wanted a neutral palette and I loved the idea of different cabinet knobs."

Selecting the frame -"After much research online and in various local antique stores, I found Warehouse Frames n' Gallery, they specialize in faux antique frames, and found a 30 x 40 frame for about $170."
Selecting the fabric- "I went to a fabric store and bought 6 yards of bone-white linen."
Knobs- "Finally, my favorite part was making the anticipated trop to Anthropologie to select various knobs. There were so many to choose from! I was tempted to throw in a mint green or rose knobs, but stuck to my original plan of neutral colors."

Favorite Jewelry Designers...
 "pretty, with a glam/rocker edge"

"The Luck N' Love necklace is my favorite. Since my first and middle names are Lauren Leigh, the necklace has a personal touch. Her earrings are so interesting and chic."