Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poof its gone..Missoni for Target

Brilliant Cinched at the Waist had a couple of more important things to do this am and did not walk over to the Target on San Felipe to catch what the world has been anxiously awaiting for...Missoni for Target. At around noon I realize what I was SUPPOSED to do before coming to work and hop next door to see the darling everythings Margherita has been teasing us with. A sales attendant approaches my confused self and says, "honey its all gone," before I notice the empty shelves. The clothes, the shoes, the children's, the home decor...ALL OF IT. SOLD OUT. It was a little bit like that scene in Contagion when everyone starts looting and fighting over the meds.

                                                                                                           Missoni for Target home, image per Annina Stefanelli

Between you and me...the cute sales attendant did whisper they will refill shelves on Tuesday. 
See you on Tuesday Missoni lovers! 
You can still catch some items online, but you MUST have patience...took me a couple dozen refresh clicks to get rid of this guy...