Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pop Meets Gritty: ABBEY GOLDEN

Set to debut her work in Houston Saturday September 10, 2011 at Dream, artist Abbey Golden shares her work, appreciation for vintage Sports Illustrated, and favorite fall trend...

"Full Disclosure"

What is your signature style? 

   My signature style is a very Pop meets Gritty style. This came out of the fact that I love illustration and exaggerated facial expressions, poses ect, but also have this painfully strong desire to express myself. The fusion of the two left me with big, bold, urban, sexual paintings that are a little strange.

What inspires you?
 1970-90's Sports Illustrated and Playboys. I know it sounds pervy but at first site I loved every page. Everything is so beautifully dated from their hair to their style to their over the top sexy poses. It becomes very nostalgic for me, and of course I love the sexuality element. They're just so fierce.

"Suburban Dropouts"

Favorite piece from Dream exhibit?

  All of Carmen's and Caroline's work. I'm a huge fan. My favorite piece of mine in the exhibit is "Suburban Dropouts". I just feel like it's my most successful painting in terms of expressing exactly what I wanted to say. Like the title suggests, it's about not fitting into a cookie cutter lifestyle. After painting it I felt like I had shed a layer of old skin like a snake. 

Which is more important in your work: the process or the product?
I happen to be a very product oriented person. My most successful pieces are ones I can almost entirely envision from start to end. Others that I start just for the fun of the process get very lost. All that being said without allowing in some process you risk loosing energy and emotion.

Fav trend this fall? 
I've been waiting for an opportunity to wear my leather jacket that I hand studded. Underneath that, Layers & Leopard.