Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Juice: Snap Kitchen

I'm not sure if it's a post Italy vacay-bloat or an array of binding leather items on my fall wish list veering me towards a health kick,  achem...a juice cleanse. Cinched is to get all juicy at Snap Kitchen. The healthy takeaway eatery is cold pressing all sorts of delicious fruit and vegetable blends. Cinched's fav: the Watermelon Mint Papaya, a refreshing fruit medley pleasing my sweet craving taste buds. Allow Fred,  to introduce you...

The cold Pressed, unpasteurized juices make a perfect selection for a full on juice cleanse or sub a healthy snack.

I must confess I did get a tad bit ravenous/ antsy around 6pm. I dont know if it was a lack of calorie consumption or the fact that my mouth realized it hadn't really chewed all day (I'm not like the design genius Jason Wu who claims to forget to eat and that is why he juice cleanses...I always got food on the brain, if you know what I mean). Either way, I thought about all the Sardinian flat bread I devoured the past weeks and juiced myself through the pain. Now, about those leather binding goodies I'm lusting....check back domani.