Sunday, October 2, 2011

Choke on this

Word on the street: it's time to choke again. After wearing out stretchy tattoo necklaces in the 7th grade, I swore I would never choke with jewels again. Not only was the mid neck cinch unflattering for my short stature, but a bit scary from far away...some might have though I was an extra in a horror film. Ever since I've been hanging my adornments south of the neckline, but I'm afraid the days of horror have returned. My decade of choke-less accessorizing might be over because the time has come, to choke once more...Fortunately, the fall trend does not resort back to the tattoo'ed neck style, there is a sophisticated update on the choke: The Collar.
And heavens no, I don't mean the dog collar... I'm talking chic nerdy collars, glam collars, and metal Cleopatra collars.
 Let's start choking...

Delfina Delettrez collar shirt diamonds necklace   -   button down collar necklace 

Shirt Collar necklace  -  Pearl Collar necklace 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Claude Collar Necklace
Gold   -  Turquoise