Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fashion Houston: A World of Prints by Camilla

Debuting her playful and colorful Spring 2012 collection on the third night of Fashion Houston was Camilla Franks, designer of Camilla. Last night was the first collection debut in the US for the label. Impressed and fascinated by a world of prints, Cinched at the Waist gathers Frank’s design process, source of inspiration, and her "go for it" philosophy in life. See more from last night on Culturemap.

Q: When designing, what is most important, the process or result? 
A: Both are equally as important, you cannot neglect the design process without considering the result. My designs feature colorful digital graphic prints that require a specialized inkjet technology that can be time consuming, complex and difficult to execute. But, I would not have it any other way, as my graphics are an expression of art. I design with the notion that my clothes are like collectable items for women to wear year after year.

Q: When I look at your prints, I see a different world I’d like to jump into within each piece, just where do you draw your inspiration? 

A: The inspiration is constantly evolving from my travels to exotic destinations, life experiences, and art and, of course, color. I couldn’t imagine a world without color and my designs are kaleidoscopes of color. I want women to feel alive, energetic and unique when they wear my designs.

Q: As browse through your online shopping I really can’t just pick a favorite, its amazing but everything is quite unique, can you pick a favorite? How do you do craft such variety, its genius. 

A: Since the launch of my first collection seven years ago, my designs have evolved from my signature kaftans to new double layered tank tops, mini market dresses, shirt tops, jumpsuits, playsuits, harem pants and more. How do I pick my favorite? They constantly change, I guess it really depends on the occasion. At the moment, I like wearing harem pants with a double-layered singlet styled with Native American jewelry, head wrap and the Camilla  wedges ... I love matching my digital prints with add-on accessories creating the full look.

Q: When you design, whom do you have in mind? How do you see the “Camilla wearing” gal?
A: My designs are created with all women in mind. The philosophy behind the label is all women have the right to be and feel beautiful no matter age, shape or size... my oldest client is in her 90s! The Camilla brand is for all fun-loving active women from anywhere around the globe. I have really young girls who love my clothes as well as much older women who still enjoy standing out in a crowd.  

Q: What’s your philosophy? 
A: Just do it !.... In life it’s all about making the most of every moment, working hard and having fun. Basically I am no different to anyone else.  I want to be happy in my personal life and successful in my business. My philosophy is simply to go for it – take risks and hope they will pay off. So far I have been very lucky which I do think it has a lot to do with my no holds barred attitude.

Q: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from previous collections? 
A: As a result of the Global Financial Crisis, consumers want to invest in timeless, investment pieces. My designs are timeless and the kaftans are perfect because they will never date. I am constantly pushing the pattern design boundaries as well as offering my clients new wearable silhouettes.  My consumers love it when I take risks with my work so I’m lucky in that I can be as creative as I want to be!

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