Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fashion Houston: Jerri Moore

Just as I was glued to the front row last year, Cinched at the Waist will be stationed downtown beginning Monday October 10, 2011 at Fashion Houston. Grazing the Wortham Center runway will be immaculate collections by Jerri Moore, Project 360, Robert Rodriguez, Carmen Marc Valvo, and more to come. Anxiously awaiting the collection to initiate Fashion Houston, Cinched shares Q & A with Jerri Moore,  talent behind the gowns to dominate the runway monday evening.

Ariel  -  Kelley -  Boo

Diana  -  Baby  -  Lynn  -  Chelsea

A month or so ago Cinched was lucky to sneak into Fashion Houston's 2011 campaign shoot photographed by Dustin Mansyur and directed by Neil Hamil. Among the talented fashion week composers, was Jerri Moore, designer of collection to kick off Fashion Houston.  Moore's gowns are the stars adorning Fashion Houston's 2011 campaign.
Bringing old Hollywood in a fresh color palette, Jerri Moore creates a collection of classically updated evening wear. "Color is how I update from the old era. I'm inspired by the style in black and white films but color is how I bring them to date, color makes it fresh." And it is with color that the Fashion Houston Campaign shoot began, with the all star gown, the Kelley, an emerald green 100% silk charmeuse and chiffon gown.

Jerri Moore on set with Fashion Houston Creative Director, Neil Hamil


The Second subject of the shoot, and Cinched's second favorite of the impecable evening wear collection is Boo, a 100% silk charmeuse black evening cape with 100% silk black fringe. I'm anxiously awaiting the fringe adorned gown to trot Wortham Center on Monday evening.
Boo is named after a coworker of Moore's, "I always call him that so that is where the name came. I have the greatest team. Building a company is something you can't do alone and reinventing yourself when your kids are gone. Tapping into your truth, that is the gift that has come out of it," Moore shares of initiating her carreer as a fashion designer now, although one would think she has been designing long time with the evident talent in her charming collection.

Jerri Moore and Annina Stefanelli

Moore will debut her pieces from her Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 collection Monday October 10, 2011 at Wortham center.