Monday, October 10, 2011

Just a Shoe Story

I hop into the cab a cute vested doorman has heroically hailed down, as my  berry buzzes.
Text from a manfriend: "You better be wearing the right soles." 
I look down at the gladiators sewn to my footsies since mid May and notice just how much they have gradually expanded with my summer swollen paws.  Even if they were once red soled- you could never notice it now. My summer in the city has left bits of red on sidewalks of New York. Damn it. Its one of those dinners. I consider running back up to grab the new suede reds, but this cab man has already got me half way up town. What does it matter what I wear? I'm playing third wheel tonight anyways. How could I have risked taking these babies out for a stroll with overcast skies? Never.

Christian Louboutin Luxura 140 Pumps
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My summer reds and I have gone through a lot. I must confess I've fallen in love with another pair of suede reds to trots this season with. With an ankle strap to contrast my pale tone and platform to slim my short stature and thunder thighs, Louboutin's No. 299 suede and python and I are going steady this fall.

Check out what ensemble I will pair the new reds with after "what I wore Fashion Houston" posts to come...
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