Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fancy Shmancy NANCY

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A new blogger voice for Cinched at the Waist is on the prowl to cinch waists!
Vanessa Bruno boots   -   Zara trousers   -  Trenchcoat 
When I saw these knee-high ribbon-tied boots I knew they were going to be an absolute necessity!  Lo-and-behold, they have yet to disappoint.  I've paired them with mini skirts, pencil skirts, skinny jeans and tights.  Colored skinny jeans are the perf look for the fall/winter season - that is, if the fall and winters seasons plan on making an appearance in Houston.

Having a classic trench will never fail you.  No fancy label is necessary, but if you must, do as Suri Cruise says, "Everyone knows that the most respectful way to wear Burberry is as the lining in a classic coat."

For the sake of my sanity, let's all agree that the maroon scarf matches this ensemble more than the orange scarf.  As I was primping for the day, the husband decides to input his two-cents that the maroon is 'too maroon' with the maroon-ish jeans.  On that note, one can suggest that only a higher power would know why he thought he knew what he was talking about.

Purse  -  Sweater with pocket

Real talk: I can't let the hubby win, despite the orange scarf giving off a good color-blocking vibe.

Stay Cinched,