Friday, November 18, 2011

H&M Versace Deprivation

Though rated as one of America's best shopping cities, Houston still slacking in high fashion offerings. With an array of retail and shopping hubs within Htown, we Houstonians took great offense when the european retailer made its Texas debut this summer in none other than Dallas...grrrr.  Cinched at the Waist explores how H&M loving Houstonians are handling the Versace for H&M debut...Our intern, Nancy, tells us her story:

I've traveled near and far from Germany to Dallas to California to Boston... also, shamelessly, having my husband shop for me at three different locations in NYC.  

As Versace debuts in the US at select stores on Saturday, I will, unfortunately, have to miss the collaboration between Donatella Versace and H&M. Three of my close friends who will be in the vicinity of an H&M will try to snag an item or two of my 'items I must have or will die' wish list.

UPDATE: Sadly, Nancy's thursday morning attempt to order the online items available in Europe was an epic fail. Though she intended to have items shipped to her in-laws in Germany, the H&M online shopping geeks figured out her billing address didn't match. aaaghhh...some day Houston....someday we will be blessed with an H&M....
images per H&M, getty