Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's about this time of year I begin my endless search for the perfect set of Christmas morning pajamas. The  important qualities of a good set of pj's to wear while tearing open christmas presents begins in style: pijama suit, the two piece set, the teddy, or the gown. Sexiness is of no requirement here, my Christmas tree is usually close to the fireplace, but for crying out loud who likes to freeze to death in their sleep? I never did understand the tiny lacy silky nonsense. The second most important pajama quality is texture...once I got me one of those cashmere jumpsuits when we spent Christmas eve in Bari, Italy (ugliest city in Italy, by the way)...but cashmere + gown comforters result in sauna beds...yuck.  So I tend to lean towards a good cotton-blend separates and a robe to cinch over it all. 

One by Boutique Hotel Pajamas navy  -  rust
One by Hotel Boutique will only hurt your wallet by $600 buckarroos, don't worry they are going to make you pancakes in the am, haha...no but really, what kind of tricks does this wallet disastering set of pijamas have up its sleeves?

For the snuggle bunny...