Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So long pepper spray, a new self defense weapon is available to those of us with sartorial footsies. Next time one of the awful blind dates your bestie set you up with starts creepin, just jab him in the calf with one of these babies...don't worry, the hidden platform allows you to run away in speed. Joooking. Heavens forbid we ever find ourselves in such an predicament...Ruthie Davis platforms are pretty radical to pair with a deep ink denim or hip cinching LBD.
But seriously, next time your manfriend is annoying you, just accidentally/on purpose step on him.

Ruthie Davis Spikette peeptoe  -  future pump  -  zink deluxe spike  -  spikette deluxe

Spike Runway Shoe
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Ruthie Davis Ace Pump