Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To Shop: 5 Stack Vintage

 We've all heard the expression, "they just don't make them like this anymore," in reference to vintage, well Cinched says, "you just don't find them at this price anymore" in reference to vintage. My lovely readers, wander over to 5 Stack Vintage, the ultimate source to vintage goods that has launched today.  Founded by two Houstonian entrepreneurs, 5 Stack Vintage is composed unique treasures ranging from menswear shirts, knits, jackets to women's dresses, blouses, and outerwear....all of which are wallet friendly. From fur pieces to silk blouses, you will not find any of these treasures over $100. 
"You know how people brag about how much they spend on an outfit, I like to brag about how little I spent on mine," says one of the founders while he sartorially stood in my office in a vintage jacket, cuffed jeans, and leather tennies. As perfect representatives of 5 Stack Vintage, I picked up incredible styling tips from the founders: mixing vintage couture pieces with currents trends to create one of a kind look...

5 Stack Vintage
With an array of well priced leather pieces, Cinched is slightly obsessed with their leather trench coats...

leather trench  -  wanna ride men's jacket  -  leather trench  -  catch me if you can mens leather jacket