Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love at First

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? I've fallen on multiple occasions, most of which have been champagne induced attractions, but this time it was real (I was only down one innocent glass of cyrah). Although I'm in a serious relationship, I really wish I could have gone home with them. Yes, it was a pair and they were on my best friend which heats the situation a little bit on the naughtier side. Isn't it weird how shoe crushes can be just like going to a new restaurant? Once the food arrives it's almost impossible to not covet thy neighbor's dish. Is it the fact that it isn't yours or that the dish suits their taste buds and you went safe with the grilled fish special? 
 I wouldn't normally have noticed these Chloe's, but as Caro adorned an ankle zippered skinny and trotted them around Triniti last night, I understood why most of my fashion inspiration is absorbed from my friends. 
If you don't know what I'm talking about then it must be because your friends aren't as f***ing awesome as mine. Happy Birthday to the talented and beautiful Caroline Schiller.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hanging Over

I'm sorry I haven't been around, checked in, or even bothered to ask how you spent the Holi-daze. I gave you my all the first days of the season and right as we were getting hot and heavy, a fear of commitment really took hold and encouraged me to give up fashion blogging for three days and nail this choreography...if i'm confident then I'll post a cinched remake of ...

Can you ever forgive me for going all MIB (missing in blog)?  I'll be honest and say I can only apologize in the words of another great Robyn hit...Will you tell me once again
How we're gonna be just friends?
If you're for real and not pretend
Then I guess you can hang with me

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Gifts?

As a lover and a giver, I wish to gift every one of my pals a little something this holiday season. Be it a kiss, hug, or an adorable Sarah Aghili adornment, Cinched is spreading the love!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ornament Envy...

Lately I've been feelin quite jelly (cinch talk for envious) of our Christmas Tree. The long limbed character is decked head to toe in sparkling goodies and every time I'd like to sit near by and enjoy some hot cocoa with a good read I can't help but feel under dressed/ under adorned. Unfortunately I'm not appropriately dressed outside home as well; it's the office hallway, the upper kirby stroll, and not to mention the Galleria, every tree has got killer accessories.
I mean, just look how happy me and my gal look when our earlobes are hangin low in adornments...

Damn all the Christmas trees across town making me feel under-adorned, let's show 'em cinching our ears in Dannijo ornaments...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What a Wristful of Arm Candies!

Word around the block is that we're not the only wrist-jewel obsessed. seems to also be on the same page as Cinched. Cinched at the Waist began a new series of Cinched Wrists and is obsessed with the thrill of wrist jewels and a touch of luxe mood rings.

Cinched cuffs adorn our wrists and sway with our rhythm of life.  I'm a hoarder of bracelets and have found myself with no space for my beloved jewels.  They're are a part of me - I have invested my time in choosing each piece perfectly.  The fit, the touch, the look.  Some are pricy and some not even a dollar....


Tory Burch bracelet 1 and bracelet 2

Elaine Turner - Houston locals should participate in our December giveaway for a chance to win the leather wrap bracelet.

Chan Luu khaki mix is a great mix of colors together!

The Rachel Rachel Roy snake ring is an edgy detail to add to a simple ensemble.

Vintage66 bracelet

Pictures provided by:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Killin it at Miu Miu...

"The long wait is (almost) over for Houston's high fashion set. Miu Miu, the sophisticated yet playful sister label to fashion powerhouse Prada, opened a stand-alone store at The Galleria Thursday. Two-doors down along "luxury row" at the upscale shopping mall, a full-scale, stand-alone Prada store hopes to be ready for unveiling before Christmas.
At 3,436-square-feet, the Miu Miu store is large, but it seems much more intimate, with three distinct rooms that flow into each other like nesting dolls. As the accompanying video tour shows, the store decor is colorful, quirky and fun, much like the Miu Miu collection" (CultureMap). 

 I couldn't help myself and trotted over to the Galleria yesterday to Cinch mah goodies in Miu Miu goodies.  Un-expectedly I kinda killed it in the dressing room and might have done Santa's job for him a week early. Obsessed with the school girl collars and a line mini skirts,  I opted for a couple of basic pieces I can meddle easily in my wardrobe. Stay tuned for outfit pictures next week. If you head to the Galleria Miu Miu, ask for Anna, she is the sweetest.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Giveaway: Part Deux...for the boys

Finally, a giveaway for the man-friend! Enter to win the stinky boy in your life a grey vintage leather jacket. Although he's studly and all, imagine cinching him in this one of a kind piece...

Enter to Win:
- Blog about this giveaway
(the more you do the more entries you get, leave a comment w your entries)
Winner announced Dec. 29th

What I Wore: Cinched Interviews...

Of the brief creative geniuses I've been honored to interview, I must confess LBL of FEED Projects was quite the pleasure. Perhaps it was her striking beauty, genuine humility, or the charitable heart that founded a brand with a mission to provide good products that FEED the world (Wow, is it not obvious I have a serious girl crush? I hope she didn't mind me staring so much). On the morning of my interview, I thought it suiting to wear none other than my favorite fall blouse by a environmentally conscious and charitable brand CrOp David Peck. CrOp, Creative Opportunities, is a Houston based brand I've previous mentioned, commits ten percent of profits of each collection to a cause affiliated with Peck's seasonal inspiration. It is brands and missions as such that inspire me to look beyond the selfish and materialistic route fashion used to have. responsible brands like CroP and FEED are continuing to change the fashion industry of our time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gift Guide: Guest Editor Series...For Her...

Darling friend and guest editor Jhatt has arranged a concoction of the perfect gift guides.
 Let's begin with FOR HER...a guide to gift your mama, sister, or friend...

1. Special charm – Irene Neuwirth Chrysoprase Bangle in YellowGold 

2. Perhaps for the recently engaged galpal, help her out with darling personalized stationary for all the thank You Notes she will tire her arm writing – Gadabout stationary -

3. Charitable gal – JudithLeiber FEED Bag

4. For her house,  Tom Ford Candle 

5. For her cold nights,  Hermes giant avalon blanket

6. For the gal pal, thank goodness for Facebook birthday records –Jonathan Adler Zodiac Pillow

7. For the hostess, glassybaby set of glasses

8. For her face – best selling blush from NARS in Orgasm  

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gift Guide: Fine Baubles

For all the fine ladies in your life, or for you ladies that know you're your manfriend this post as a hint hint and adorn yourself or loved one with Lauren Craft champagne diamond pieces...

Available at Katia Boutique, Sloan Hall, and..

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more....

Gem stones, sapphires, diamonds, pearls, druzies and rubies made a sparkling impression with the lovely Melissa Joy Manning at her personal appearance for the evening to present the exclusive jewelry collection at BHLDN. 
Inspired by nature, MJM jewelry collection feature gems from all over the world...near in the USA and as far as India and Uruguay. The series of the jewelry line are curated by recycled gold, mined stones and reclaimed metals.  MJM is a green brand and is B(Benefit) Lab certified, operating in a manner that promotes socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing and minimizing environmental impact.  She believes that this trend has only begun and will become more popular as consumers become just as eco-curious as they are style-curious.  
Cinchista always says: Knowledge is power! 
MJM looked radiant and glowing with gems of all sorts on her neck, fingers and wrists.  Now only if Cinched at the Waist could possibly get a little pretty and shiny thing to frost oneself with. 
 Hint Hint hubby. 
These whimsical mood rings remind me of the one time I went to a hole in the wall placee thinking I could get my future panned out for me by a woman and her magic crystal ball.  The only thing I figured out was that A. Why didn't she have a better office if she was so 'legit?' and B. I liked all the rings she wore.  They made her seem kind of legit....till she started speaking and summoning the dead.  That was the last time I trusted that 'friend' who took me there.


 I've discovered an array of alternatives to my latest addiction: the lace up chain wedgies...Thursday evening, a brief hour after wheels down in NYC my galpal led me and my airplane smelling hair to a darling holiday bash hosted by The Glamourai and Ash Shoes.

Ash Leather Wedge Sneaker  - Thelma denim wedge sneaker  -  Ash Thelma Wedge Sneaker

Tis this glorious soiree to blame for my sneaker wedgie crush these days...How lovely it was to meet TheGlamourai herself, adorably cinched in a leather sachin and babi skirt...


Greetings from NYC

My dearest apologies for the lack of updates my darlings, Cinched has been in NYC freezing to death. As most of my travels (or well most of my days) focus on eating and drinking, dinners and friends have filled my brief New York visit. It all began with my first celeb sighting of the trip when I spotted a certain thick eye lined british dj (alexa chung) at Hudson Clearwater, where I discovered that not counting how many damson sours  I drowned in would...shh I forgot that I don't drink and tell. But the second dinner worth sharing was Fatty Cue, where although my company wouldn't agree, I enjoyed the restaurant's ordinary salads in which they so brilliantly replace lettuce with kale.
 But never mind tales of my evenings and let's mind what I've been cinching my cankles with. Due to extreme comfort and golden chain trim, I can't seem to stop wearin wedgies...they are perfect execution of a simple lace up wedge bootie, except that they happen to be rimmed with something the Notorious BIG would adorn his neck with.

chanel lace up bootie - feed 1000 judith leiber clutch

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Langford Market Mannequin Style-Off

Cinchista Nancy ventured out to Langford Market in Rice Village to play dress up and style a mannequin for "Blogger Mannequin Style-off" competition. 
Help us win the competition by voting for the mannequin styled by Cinched at the Waist!  

Friday, December 9, 2011

Don't Miss: Elaine Turner Holiday Giveaway

Cinched at the Waist has a strong weakness for accessories, especially if the label offers as many darling pieces as Houston based designer Elaine Turner. Excited to celebrate the holidays with Elaine Turner Dec. 15th, Cinched was granted to gift a fav reader an *Elaine Turner Holiday Giveaway...
Audrey Hepburn once said, “Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.” Elaine Turner’s Fall 2011 Collection follows this advice as film star Audrey Hepburn inspired each handbag and shoe in the collection. As her fall collection muse, Elaine Turner will celebrate the Holiday Season in cocktails and movie screenings feature Hepburn's Funny Face along with four Elaine Turner films. 
*One lucky Cinched reader can enter to win two tickets to the screenings, a special stocking stuffer gift,  and a $ 50 Elaine Turner Giftcard!  
to win...
- Leave a comment w your contact info

 *prize for Houston residents only

see you on thursday!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wrap it, Cinch it, Drape it - Wear it any way you like

The Rachel Pally Alady, a jersey dress that can be worn in a variety of ways, is the perfect solution to an endless number of holiday festivities... Fashion design degree students would have a great time making many different looks with this dress. A similar convertible dress is also Twobirds long convertible dress, also available on Shopbop.

For a glamourous evening adorn it with a fur coat and sky-riveting heels that make you look like a 5'10" model.  Winter wear can easily be done with a pull over sweater on top and tights underneath with a flair of leather rebel biker boots peeking from underneath.  Mother doesn't have to know about the boots and you can still be a lady if no one knows.  Right?

Don't Miss: Crescent Rising, crOp Trunk Show

Join David Peck and the crOp team this weekend for the debut of crOp's Spring 2012 collection, for a private trunk show Saturday, December 10th in New Orleans. Like all of crOp's collections with a conscience, the SS12 Trunk Show will support Gulf Restoration Network. David has committed a 10% profit from every CrOp collection to the cause affiliated with his seasonal inspiration.  Don't miss the debut of a New Orleans inspired collection with live music, light bites, and cocktails. 

Gift Guide: Beauty-licious under $50

Though I'm usually greeted with a heavy coal filled stocking every Christmas morning, I'm really hoping this might be my year. I hardly doubt anything I did this year what that naughty. Honestly, I was only hung over a handful of days, and I couldn't of finished more than a case of that '90 Dom... Dearest Santa Baby, please leave me a beauty themed stocking. The gift of beauty may be a lot of ask for, but perhaps just grant me the tools to head there.  Really, just throw in a couple of lip glossies, nail lacquers, and doll lashes.
I hardly doubt he's reading but, oh well. Get a hold of Cinched's fav makeup stocking stuffers under $50 per Neiman Marcus...

 NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil
I've been pretty terrified of lip liner since the nineties trend of dark maroon lined lips. It wasn't until I found NARS secret weapon, the Velvet gloss pencil with the convenience of a pencil as a lipstick.

 Bobbi Brown lip Gloss trio
No there isn't anyone that will likely want to meet me under mistloe but who says my kisser can't shimmer, sparkle, and shine via Bobbi's trio

 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
On the really good nights, the nights that turn my mornings sideways, those nights I like to eat glitter shots, glitter makes me happy, glitter makes me shine, gimme Bobbi's sparkle palette...

 Doll Lash Set
Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to be a doll. The really creepy kind with incredibly heavy eyelashes that shut my eyes unless I'm hung upside down. I want the type of lashes that are so heavy not even a double espresso will keep open. Will the hypnose doll lash set do the trick?

 Le Metier de Beaute
This is Ken Downing's I'm Worn this Way lipstick and nail lacquer duo grants nothing but a evening of fierce-ness. If that isn't a word than shut it, because my nails and lips are f***ing fierce.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Guide: Cinched Wrists

Do you recall the amazeballs Lisa Freede necklace I couldn't take off on my trip to Como? It probably went un-noticed because you were looking at the stupid ugly mountains, lake, or my twitching left eye.   Any who, Katia Boutique has led me to some goodies to cinch my bare wrists with, Lisa Freede Bracelet sets. Perfectly priced, the bracelet sets come in an array of  sandalwood,  african beads,  ivory,  gold/black, and  turquoise.  Composed of 8 bracelets, each set is under $129, making it a perfect present for those who love to adorn their wrists, get them via...

Lisa Freede sets
black/ gold - african beads - turquoise - ivory - sandalwood
Wouldn't the sandalwood and ivory pair perfectly w my necklace?
 They might also help distract might my eye begin tweakin again.

Detention Sweater

I'm looking forward to hearing what high schoolers get busted or simply get away with sporting Urban Outfitter's BDG relaxed pullover sweater. Noticed via fashionista, I instantly thought of my high school daze days, and the restrictive rules that confined my everyday wear. To my high school readers,  and the tight ass high schools you attend, please don't do drugs, but how amazing is this sweater?   As hilarious as it may be to see the look on the school deans' faces....don't wear this...or if you do, please let me know your story and if the sweater went un-noticed hahaha.
P.S. Cinched at the Waist does not endorse drug use, we simply think this sweater is hilarz. 
P.P.S this sweater is on SALE

Holiday Frock-ing

'Tis the season of bubble sipping soirees: office Christmas parties, winter weddings, new year's eve, and many more. If you are as darling and fabulous as I think you are readers, I can imagine it must be hard to tackle your social calendar without repeat offending an ensemble. When you feel a necessary party frock purchase brewing, it's time to consider giving your plastic a break and spending less with designer rental options from RTR...
From Yigal Azrouel cocktails dresses to vintage Chanel jewels, RTR's options have me brewing some stunning Holiday party looks. Check out the assembled party frocks at RTR's Texas debut last week at Gift by Peel in West Ave...

Halston Heritage Shift Dress, retails $396, rental $65

Monday, December 5, 2011

Flower Power, FEEDing Power

Bored and cold I hopped into a time machine en route back a few decades (to a decade where floral prints stamped clothing fabrics, couches, and walls) with a one of a kind vintage frock. In peach tone and grey florals, we opted to cinch this baby in a gold belt to bring out the hand- beaded clutch, and trotted the get up in neutral toned luxura pumps.

I'd like to thank 5 Stack Vintage for leading me to find a new appreciation for one of a kind pieces. Always lacking the time to visit and dig through smelly second hand stores, I never appreciated old school treasures. 5 Stack Vintage cleans it up and allows me to shop unique vintage pieces via online. No digging. No time wasted. Just one of a kind items fitting today's trends. Thank you for my current favorite flower print frock 5 Stack!

As for my FEED 1000 Judith Leiber clutch, the handcrafted bag that reminds me the fashion industry can have an alternative  and responsible purpose, is currently the most powerful FEED product, donating 1000 school meals through the United Nations World Food Programme.

5 stack vintage dress - FEED 1000 Clutch available at

Shop w Cinched

Join Cinched at the Waist and fellow Houston Fashion bloggers Tuesday Dec 6 at Langford Market for shopping, styling tips, and snacks, and of course...WAIST CINCHING! We can take advantage of the $1 sale: When you buy any 2 regular priced clothing items, receive the 3rd item for only $1! 
Stop by to see mannequin we Cinched...

Langford Market
2517 University Dr.
Dec 6, 2011
7 - 9PM

Friday, December 2, 2011

FEED 1000

It's often I feel blue and lost wondering why I express myself through a materialistic theme (achem, a fashion blog), but projects like FEED reveal a different purpose to appreciation of fashion design.  FEED has helped veer the fashion industry from its selfish route, changing its purpose to a conscious and responsible business with products that help fight hunger worldwide. 
Cinched at the Waist was delighted to meet Lauren Bush Lauren, designer and activist, at Neiman Marcus introducing FEED's largest donation through a single product, the FEED 1000 clutch
Lauren Bush Lauren introducing FEED 1000 clutch, exclusive black bronze color for Neiman Marcus

Nerves sped my rehearsed interview questions into non-cohesive blabbering...if I excerpt the "ums" and insert what I meant to ask, from what I recall, my chat with Lauren Bush and Mary Gleason went something like this...

Cinched: How did you come up with the beading pattern on the FEED 1000?
LBL: "The design team at Judith Leiber came up with the great idea, inspired by our FEED Guatemala bags and their prints. We wanted neutral colors to start. The clutches are handcrafted in Italy, composed of Italian linen and beads from india....We took all of our FEED bags to JL and brainstormed something to meet in the middle." 
Mary Gleason: “We wanted to come up with an evening clutch that can be worn with jeans, as well as one our core customer would appreciate.” - Judith Leiber brand president
Annina Stefanelli, Lauren Bush Lauren, Mary Gleason
Cinched: You're responsible for changing the industry with FEED as a leading example in philanthropic products, is it hard to find organizations to partner with? 
LBL: "Thank you! We were so happy to be able to collaborate with a company like Judith Leiber. It's so great to partner with such an established company."
Cinched: Is this the first time for Judith Leiber to offer a product like this?
Mary Gleason:   "Though Judith Leiber has always been philanthropic, and many of our customers as well, this is the first time for JL to offer a product like this. The bag makes JL no profit, the cost of the FEED 1000 clutch is the cost to make + providing 1000 meals to school children," the largest donation through a single product.

The FEED 1000 clutch comes in gold, silver, and now exclusive to Neiman Marcus in a bronze and black. The darling clutch will make a go to Holiday Gift.  Having already sold 275 bags before the launch Friday at Neiman Marcus,  each clutch sold will provide 1,000 school meals for children through the UN World Food Programme's School Feeding initiative (FEED). 

Luaren Bush Lauren snatching a pic of the FEED Custom Bag 

Thank you Lauren and Mary for taking the time to chat with me!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Giveaway Part 1: Leather trench

Tis the Season of joy, love, and most importantly...GIFTS. Cinched at the Waist is happy to announce our December Giveaway from 5 Stack Vintage: vintage leather trench coat!

Enter to Win:
- Blog about this giveaway
(the more you do the more entries you get, leave a comment w your entries)
Winner announced Dec. 14th, 2011.

Stalk Cinched

Visit™ now to Stalk™ CinchedWaist among all of your favorite fashion bloggers and get unprecedented access to our wish lists & obsessions!

The first 10 readers who log in with password:  Cinched_at_the_WaistObsessed  will get access to the site before we release it to the public.

Gift Guide: Get it for Cheap!

Every now and then I don't just gift goodies to myself, ugh. It's Christmas and we must give to if you're as friendly as I am and like to give to everyone you know...we could REALLY use a discount. Check out deals from House of Harlow & Elaine Turner...

Remember the stunning box clutches?

15% Off Your Entire Purchase at House of Harlow with Coupon Code HOH15PJ! Save Now, Offer Ends 12/31!

Because all fashion names based in Houston have a tender spot in our cinching hearts, Elaine Turner is one of our favorite accessories label. Guess who has a super secret code for twenky puuurcent off their whole site?

Celine Scene...

I think my addictive personality has been quite evident to regular cinched readers, but for  you newbies on the block, I'm kinda suffering from the Celine-mania.  You know how some people start scratching their necks or shiver cracked purple lips when they need a certain substance...that's the way I get when I get an email of new leather goodies via Celine. Damn them. Now my phone is suddenly feelin nakey and jeally of my wallet...i think were gonna have to get St. Nicholas on this email list. Achem...

What should be our next addition?

Current Trends, Vintage Pieces

Who knew it was so chic to fight the brrr wearing prrrr. Whowhatwear said it, 5 Stack Vintage has got it...animal print coats, cinch your winter wardrobe in feline themed warmth!