Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Detention Sweater

I'm looking forward to hearing what high schoolers get busted or simply get away with sporting Urban Outfitter's BDG relaxed pullover sweater. Noticed via fashionista, I instantly thought of my high school daze days, and the restrictive rules that confined my everyday wear. To my high school readers,  and the tight ass high schools you attend, please don't do drugs, but how amazing is this sweater?   As hilarious as it may be to see the look on the school deans' faces....don't wear this...or if you do, please let me know your story and if the sweater went un-noticed hahaha.
P.S. Cinched at the Waist does not endorse drug use, we simply think this sweater is hilarz. 
P.P.S this sweater is on SALE

So long as were on the knitted topic, anyone attending or hosting a Christmas Sweater fiesta

get 'em here...