Friday, December 2, 2011

FEED 1000

It's often I feel blue and lost wondering why I express myself through a materialistic theme (achem, a fashion blog), but projects like FEED reveal a different purpose to appreciation of fashion design.  FEED has helped veer the fashion industry from its selfish route, changing its purpose to a conscious and responsible business with products that help fight hunger worldwide. 
Cinched at the Waist was delighted to meet Lauren Bush Lauren, designer and activist, at Neiman Marcus introducing FEED's largest donation through a single product, the FEED 1000 clutch
Lauren Bush Lauren introducing FEED 1000 clutch, exclusive black bronze color for Neiman Marcus

Nerves sped my rehearsed interview questions into non-cohesive blabbering...if I excerpt the "ums" and insert what I meant to ask, from what I recall, my chat with Lauren Bush and Mary Gleason went something like this...

Cinched: How did you come up with the beading pattern on the FEED 1000?
LBL: "The design team at Judith Leiber came up with the great idea, inspired by our FEED Guatemala bags and their prints. We wanted neutral colors to start. The clutches are handcrafted in Italy, composed of Italian linen and beads from india....We took all of our FEED bags to JL and brainstormed something to meet in the middle." 
Mary Gleason: “We wanted to come up with an evening clutch that can be worn with jeans, as well as one our core customer would appreciate.” - Judith Leiber brand president
Annina Stefanelli, Lauren Bush Lauren, Mary Gleason
Cinched: You're responsible for changing the industry with FEED as a leading example in philanthropic products, is it hard to find organizations to partner with? 
LBL: "Thank you! We were so happy to be able to collaborate with a company like Judith Leiber. It's so great to partner with such an established company."
Cinched: Is this the first time for Judith Leiber to offer a product like this?
Mary Gleason:   "Though Judith Leiber has always been philanthropic, and many of our customers as well, this is the first time for JL to offer a product like this. The bag makes JL no profit, the cost of the FEED 1000 clutch is the cost to make + providing 1000 meals to school children," the largest donation through a single product.

The FEED 1000 clutch comes in gold, silver, and now exclusive to Neiman Marcus in a bronze and black. The darling clutch will make a go to Holiday Gift.  Having already sold 275 bags before the launch Friday at Neiman Marcus,  each clutch sold will provide 1,000 school meals for children through the UN World Food Programme's School Feeding initiative (FEED). 

Luaren Bush Lauren snatching a pic of the FEED Custom Bag 

Thank you Lauren and Mary for taking the time to chat with me!